Invaders Come to Krastardob!

Recent wars have been forced to wait. A new enemy approaches and it threatens all. Invaders are here and it is everyone's job to defeat these new foes.

A Common Threat Unites the Kingdom

Up until recently, the Kingdom has been wracked by strife. Man has attacked man as they attempt to expand their reach over limited resources and land.

Dominant clans have claimed the weak as victims and all-out anarchy has spread across the realm. This has allowed outside forces to move in, unbeknownst to all until it was too late.

Invaders have come to the Kingdom of Krastardob and have landed on our very doorstep, disrupting our way of life and interfering in our recent conflicts. Yet, we must ask ourselves, is this a blessing in disguise?

With the recent arrival of these invaders, we have been forced to put many of our petty differences aside, as clans are forced to deal with the immediate threat that is in front of them.

These invaders come in all shapes, forms and sizes. Some are royal knights from distant lands, some are foul beasts, and some are things which are best not mentioned at all.

Invader Canis

INvader Canis 2

Invader Guard

Royal Guard Invader

Invader Vulture 2

Invader Vulture

The invaders shown above are just a small sample of the threat we are dealing with, but give you a good taste of the hardships we now face and must overcome. This threat has grown so severe, that a great challenge has gone out to all.

An event has been initiated in which all members can actively score points based on the number of these interlopers that they send retreating back into the darkness.

Fighting Invaders

Hopefully, this blessing in disguise will make those within the realm think twice about our recent conflicts and our differences can be put aside as we realize that there are outer, external threats that are rapidly approaching and will soon be on our doorstep. 

Other Kingdoms are out there, and it is only a matter of time before that threat must be dealt with. It is better that we get our houses in order now, before it is too late. 

Unfortunately, we fear that this is unlikely to be our future. War shall return, of that you can rest assured.

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