Valhalla Damned Under Siege

Order in the realm of Krastardob has completely and utterly broken down. The top clans have begun a campaign of terror and none yet possess the power to stop them. Will order ever be restored?

The Relentless March Forth

The relative peacefulness and civility of the Kingdom of Krastardob has broken down. No longer is a man content to take his fair piece of the land, no, it has become a violent bloodbath, with clans turning on one another in a savage manner.

Those possessing the top ranking within this relatively new Kingdom share most of the blame for this violence; they have savagely sent forth their minions, their troops and their soldiers in a campaign of total conquest.

Two such clans that have done this are the Relentless and the Resus. Both enjoy the a position within the top five rankings, with the Relentless possessing the most coveted first place. 

Yet, what both of these clans share in common in their appetite for bloody violence.

Resus On The March

Relentless on The March

One clan that has attempted to stand their ground in the face of this violent storm is none other than the Valhalla Damned, led by their fearless leader Marc the Marauder.

What began as a few minor conflicts between clan members quickly escalated into a full-blown war, with both sides launching attacks on one another and ultimately, with the sacking of the Valhalla's stronghold.

Relentless Attacks

Valhalla Damned Relentless go to war

Not sitting by idly as the attacks landed all around them, the Valhalla began to mobilize their forces in defense and began preparations for a planned retaliation against the Relentless, one that they hope will bring them vengeance and victory.

Valhalla Plans To Strike Back

Sadly, this was not the only top league that the Valhalla had to contend with, as order in the Kingdom broke down into total anarchy. No, the Resus clan was also engaging in their own campaign of terror against numerous clans, one of them just happened to be the valiant Valhalla Damned.

Troops On the March

Man Turns On Man

Fortunately, after minor conflicts and attacks were exchanged, peace talks have begun between the Resus and the Valhalla Damned, which will hopefully bring an end to this senseless violence.

Valhalla Cease Fire

To this day, the Relentless continue their campaign of dominance over the realm, and the Valhalla Damned are just one such example of those being victimized by their forces. Numerous reports have flooded in from all over the realm of the constant raids and pillaging of strongholds. 

For the time being, the attacks continue on into the night and prayers go up to the gods that the violence will end and order will hopefully be restored.

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