The Shaman - A True RPG Experience

Last week we talked about a massive update that came to our lands. This update included a large number of improvements, but none more dramatic than the addition of the Shaman—the newest member of your army, and one that will ultimately change the course of history from now onward.

The first step to unlocking the Shaman, which is but a minor hurdle and only affects the newest of new Jarls, is to upgrade your Palace to its 12th level. Once this was achieved, Jarls across the realm are able to build both the Hall of Mysteries and the Rune Workshop, two vital buildings required in order to obtain and grow your Shamans power.

Hall of Mysteries

Congrats Shaman

Once constructed, Jarls are able to summon forth a new powerful Shaman ally. The first of these is named Baggi the Big, a powerful and seasoned warrior keen in both mind and body.

Baggi the Big

Summon Baggi

Congrats Baggi

As could be seen when selecting Baggi the Big, Jarls can also summon forth Inga the Wise, another powerful master of the elements. However, the Chronicle will first explore the skills and powers of Baggi, as he is the first available free Shaman that Jarls can select. Igna the Wise must be unlocked via purchasing unique packages offered within the "bank."

Upon welcoming Baggi the Big into your town, he immediately begins to take up residence within the Hall of Mysteries, where he will continue to reside. By clicking and visiting this building, you can explore the powers, bonuses and skills that Baggi possesses.


Baggi Bonuses

Baggi Skills

As we can see from the above images, just like your Hero the Shaman has the ability to be equipped with various sets of gear, all of which will grant different and varying abilities based on the quality of the gear that you craft in your other new building, the Rune Workshop.

What more, like any great leader, the Shaman's skills affect your town as a whole and the other varying units that he will command. As seen in the above skills page, the Shaman can improve your resource production and yields, plus so much more.

To acquire the gear that you will need to enhance the power of your Shaman, you will need to send him out into the wilds, to do battle with the latest and greatest threat to your Kingdom: the Ghost invaders.

Ghost Invaders

Ghost Rewards

Collecting Rune Frags

The Ghosts have appeared all across the lands, and just in time, the Shaman has risen forth to battle these vile invaders. This is fortunate indeed, as your original Hero is unable to penetrate these invaders’ defenses with his weapons of steel, as mighty as they are. Only the Shaman can inflict damage upon these evil forces.

Combat is similar to other invaders, the likes of which your Hero has battled for years. The Shaman can do both sustained and enhanced attacks. The former of which is more effective, while the latter is much quicker, for those with limited time.

Much-needed runes are dropped by these Ghosts, which your Shaman requires in order to craft the pieces of gear he will need to grow his might, as previously discussed.

You will not only receive rune fragments, far from it. You will also receive boosts, gold, and the much-needed experience to grow your Shaman’s level and unlock even more skills and abilities.

Growing and commanding your Shaman is a true RPG experience. One in which Jarls can plot and choose the desired path they will wish to take their newest Hero, molding him to their play style and growing as he grows.

Heavily entrenched and occupied with battling the numerous Ghosts that have infested our lands, Jarls will be kept busy for months to come, with much to learn and experience as they venture forth with their newest ally, the mighty and powerful Shaman.

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