The Realm Surpasses the 500th Kingdom Mark

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Within the lands of Vikings: War of Clans, man is never happy. We are in constant need of more resources, riches and glory. This is what pushes our bravest of brave Jarls onward always, this is what pushes them to their limits and thus advances mankind in the process.

War erupts all over the land, Kingdoms battle one another, but still, we push on as a collective, never ceasing to amaze those who have stated numerous times in the past that the realm is simply getting to large, too uncontrollable. Perhaps they will be right one day, but that day is not today.

Since the Chronicle’s last settling in the lands of Eyvingling, which was numbered the 451st Kingdom of its kind, Jarls have continued to beat back the wilds and claim new lands as their own. Young aspirants and experienced veterans alike are always eager to strike it rich, or claim their own fame, starting a new chapter in their life.

This exciting process has led to a rapid expansion of Kingdoms, adding a total of fifty new Kingdoms to our realm. All of which, except the very newest, have begun to establish themselves and exert their dominance over the lands they have settled. Some have done better than others, but that is simply the nature of the world.

New Kingdoms

New Kingdoms

Shown above is but a mere sampling of the newest of the new Kingdoms. Ending with the latest addition, which was just announced today, to much fanfare and praise, the Kingdom of Dahelmston, the 501st of its kind.

New Kingdoms

Newest Kingdom Dahelmston

This newest Kingdom, if you can even call it thus yet, is sparsely populated, but growing fast, as brave new adventurers travel to these lands. The struggle is real, but already, over 4000 citizens have moved into these new borders.

Dahelmston Pop

Towns dot the lands, as Jarls have yet to form any hives, or large clans. In fact, as of writing, there are only eight established clans, with one having the vast majority of the power within the Kingdom, while all others attempt to attract new men and women to their banners.

Sparse Lands Dahelmston

Dahelmston clans

This is an exciting time for not only Dahelmston, but the realm as a whole. We have officially surpassed the 500th Kingdom mark, a truly remarkable achievement and one that should be celebrated by all across the lands. We push onward. Ever onward!

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