Clans Struggle to Adapt and Overcome

In the lands of Krastardob, clans have diminished in size, consolidating their power into an increasingly-smaller pool of powerful clans. These clans are mighty and strong, still holding their own by and large in clan vs clan events and bravely protecting their Kingdom from would-be invaders.

Yet there are some clans that struggle to survive in these dangerous times, fighting every day to prove themselves and battling over an ever-shrinking pool of resources, while at the same time attempting to hold their own in the constant barrage of clan vs clan events they face.

The Valhalla Damned, a mighty and proud league that has been mentioned in a number of editions of the Chronicle, is one of these clans that fights on, adapting and changing their strategies, hoping that they will one day grow in strength and conquer any challenger that dare opposes them.

Unfortunately, this is not always so easy, as seen from their recent series of defeats in clan vs clan events.

Valhalla Damned CVC

Valhalla Damned CVC 2

As can be seen from the above reports, The Valhalla Damned leadership continues to struggle to spur on their members to take action and defeat their foes in conquest. Unfortunately, some clans have developed strategies that are hard to counter. One such is that employed against them in a recent clan vs clan event, in which the Valhalla Damned went up against an opponent that was fully shielded and only gained points from farming resources.

Savages Win Clan Battle

These brave warriors wanted nothing more than to ride into battle, clashing swords against swords, but their opponent simply would not ride out and commit to a pitched battle. They did not need to, as seen in the final results, in which the Valhalla Damned lost the day.

But do not worry: This is a clan that has been here since the Kingdom’s founding and they will be here for many ages to come, showing that they may not be the most powerful clan, but they are creative and they are adaptable. These are traits that are required if you wish to have any hope at all of surviving in this realm.

Safe Havens

Removing Unshielded

Remove Unshielded towns

Remove Unshielded 2

This is exactly what they attempted to do. The Valhalla Damned did not let their recent defeats get them down, they developed a new strategy, one that would see them cutting out the "weaker" elements of their clan, so that they could push on and crush their enemies.

Any member that would not put on a shield of protection before a clan vs clan event, and thus would not protect their clan from losing points to the enemy, would be removed, without question.

As seen in recent days, this is exactly what the Valhalla Damned have done, as their roster numbers have greatly diminished.

But do not think for a moment that this means they are weaker. No, they have trimmed those who would hinder them in these vital events, they are a leaner, meaner fighting machine and in the coming days, we shall see if the cost was worth the reward. We shall see if they will regain their glory and take victory for their kingdom, their clan, and ultimately for themselves.

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