The Lands of Spitzortlagen Grow and Prosper

The lands of Spitzorlagen, although they had a slow start, have blossomed and flourished. This once-tiny Kingdom has grown to its capacity and already our brave explorers have departed, seeking out new lands.

Yet the story of Spitzorlagen has just begun, and this newly born Kingdom must now face the trials and tribulations that any new Kingdom must face.

Clans have flocked to these lands and where was once only a small handful, there are now many. In fact, there are now 121 clans that call the lands of Spitzorlagen home. Some of these newcomers are veteran players from past realms, while others are new Chieftains, eager to carve their names into the history of the War of Clans for all time.

Clans Form Rise

Recruiting has been feverish and competitive amongst the top ranking clans, The Whiskey Wranglers, The Pivovars and the Valhalla Viking Army, all of which must compete with each other and the over 100 other clans that are vying for their top ranking positions.

Resources are tight, but members have pooled together, assisting each other and sharing their excess materials with their clan-mates, knowing that by helping their fellow members, they are in the long run making their clan that much stronger, and thus they themselves ultimately more powerful in the process.

Clans Aid Each Other

Yet, it is not all roses for some, as many have found themselves not fitting in amongst their clans and have been forced back into the wilderness, where they must fight and defend for themselves. Some of them have not been so lucky and have already succumbed to the vicious invaders that still plague our lands.

Clans Tighten

Clans Kick Members

Within the lands of Spitzorlagen, war has taken hold, but so too have alliances. It appears that the English speaking clans have banded together and formed non-aggression pacts in an effort to conquer and defeat their foes, whom they consider to be the Russian-speaking clans.

NAPS form

The days are young and so too is this great Kingdom. It is yet to be seen who will rise above the rest and become the most dominant clan to call these lands home.

Perhaps peace can be reached and stability can take reign, but this is doubtful: the warriors of this Kingdom are young and eager for war. Many days of fighting lie ahead and many victories are yet to be claimed. Until then, be safe and keep your blades sharp.

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