The Reach of Man Extends

The reach of man seemingly knows no limits. New kingdoms arise on a regular basis and our realm grows larger with every passing day.

Since the founding of Krastardob the Chronicle has been here, writing, reporting and bringing you the latest news from that kingdom and news that affects all of the realms in a major way.

At that time, Krastardob was the latest realm to grace our lands and it was a brave new world. In many ways it still is, as it is still experiencing many growing pains and the internal fighting that has plagued so many young kingdoms still runs rampant within these lands. Yet, progress is occurring nonetheless.

During this short period of history, mankind has gone out and explored even greater swathes of land, proving that his thirst for power and resources knows no bounds.

A proliferation of new kingdoms has recently occurred, as can be seen from taking a look at the latest update to our realms map.

Kingdoms Flourish

More Kingdoms

More Kingdoms 2

More Kingdoms 3

Each of these kingdoms has its own identity, its own politics and thus its own inner triumphs and problems within it. The newest of these kingdoms is Diggeyrdig, still protected as a new realm and yet to face the harsh reality of the kingdom vs kingdom battles.

Latest Kingdom Diggeyrdig

Some of these kingdoms will move on to greatness, marking their name forever in history as powerful Jarls rise through the ranks and rest their sword at the top, while others will be crushed and defeated. 

Many of these new kingdoms are already being pitted against one another, as they rank within the same tier and thus must enter into bloody wars against each other, raiding and stealing resources in the process.

Yet, as we have seen throughout our great history, the reach of man will continue to extend and the world is our oyster--the limits of how far we will travel is yet unknown. 

Remember always that the wilderness and your fellow man are a dangerous foe. Be ready for battle. And as always: fight on, brave Jarls, fight on.

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