A New Age of Protection for the Valley of Aesir

The gods have made a grand announcement, and a new age of protection is upon the Valley of Aesir. The Supreme thing is here and would be invaders will never be safe again.

The Valley of Aesir: a sacred place to all that call these lands home. This place of power, wisdom and knowledge is a place that all clansman will fight to the death to protect. Each clan's stronghold calls this place home; it is something to be nurtured and protected at all cost.

In the past, if an invader were to come and attempt to stain your lands with their vile presence, then you must endure and fight them off, hoping that eventually they will tire, or fall under the combined might of you and your clan-mates. Yet, now, the gods above have granted a new structure, a new power that will help you repel these would-be invaders.

Rise forth and bear witness to the "Supreme Thing", a structure that possesses a grand power and one that already clans all over the realm are putting to good use, expelling and ejecting their enemies from their Valley of Aesir.

Supreme Thing

The Supreme Thing Stronghold

This new structure, which can be built and placed within your clan stronghold, is a sight to behold. As described, it can act as your clan’s hand of retribution, violently thrusting enemies out of your controlled border lands, despite even their best efforts to remain in place.

The Supreme Thing

How Supreme Thing Works

And there is yet more to tell: Upgrading this building will not only expand its power, but also the dominion that it bears control over, thus causing your enemies into a forced retreat, or else face the blunt force of the gods via the power that this structure wields.

This is a great day that should be celebrated, and it came as no surprise to find that clans all over the realm are already building and using this great asset. 

Perhaps we can wish and pray that this barrier will cause men to take heed and thus instill a soft form of peace over the realm, at least for a time being.

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