Clans Unite to Overthrow The Top Ranking Power

The lands of Krastardob have erupted into a bloody and messy war. The center of focus being the Place of Power and the controversy that surrounds this asset.

The battle for the Place of Power rages on within the Kingdom of Krastardob. In response to recent threats from one of the most powerful forces that calls this great Kingdom home, many of the remaining clans are joining forces to resist these bullying tactics and threats against them. 

The Valhalla Damned, one of the most aggressive and outspoken clans, has been one of the many clans that are taking action. As this edition of the Chronicle will showcase, they have waded deep into the action against the formidable zlzl clan, who currently holds the top-ranking position within the Kingdom and is thus the most powerful that calls these lands home.


With agreements on how the Place of Power would be held within the lands and all talks breaking down after attempts at threats and bribery failed, clans have fought for supremacy and control of the most coveted asset within the Kingdom.

The Valhalla Damned consistently and repeatedly struck out with its forces, disrupting those who were attempting to entrench themselves within the Place of Power.

PoP Trades Hands Fast

PoP Continues To Trade Hands

The Chieftain of this clan led the charge, informing his rank and file members of his actions and that he would need assistance upon accomplishing this great feat of valor.

Battle For Palace Of Power

PoP Trades Hands

Although the Valhalla Damned and many other clans have been successful in their attempts of overthrowing those who would wish to keep in constant control of the Place of Power, they however have not been able to keep hold of it for any serious length of time. 

Despite being a persistent and a constant thorn in their enemy's side, this has not come without consequences, as their enemies retaliated in force. The eye of the zlzl clan was turned and focused on them.

Valhalla Attacked

The intense fighting continues to this day and threatens to tear this great Kingdom to shreds. What will happen next? Will an agreement be finally reached, or will this realm continue to spiral into total madness? These answers are yet unknown, but will soon be revealed.

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