The Place of Power Becomes Hotly Contested

The Place of Power becomes an issue of great debate in the lands of Krastardob. Clans attempt to reach and agreement over who will control this valuable asset, but as they always do, plans go awry.

Since the inception of our great realm Krastardob, there has been constant battling over the Place of Power. This seat of power is thought of as the most coveted asset within our realm and numerous clans vie for the position to be the ones that control it.

Small clans have tried, and some have held it for a short period of time, although they have quickly been supplanted by the bigger, more powerful clans, who inevitably force their way back into control of the Palace of Power.

Palace Of Power

In other Kingdoms within the realm, many agreements are reached over who will control this asset. Will one clan dominate it through brute force, or will they create a partnership amongst the top clans to avoid unnecessary bloodshed? This is a question that all Kingdoms must deal with one way or another, eventually.

The fact of the matter is this: There are bigger fish to fry, and a Kingdom must come together and end their bickering and infighting if they wish to win the countless Kingdom vs Kingdom events that all within the realm must deal with. 

To be victorious, a Kingdom must unite and join forces; this of course is impossible if an arrangement cannot be reached over the Place of Power.

With this in mind, talks began within Krastardob. An arrangement was approached by the top three clans within the Kingdom, they would trade hands and take a weekly turn holding the Place of Power, passing it on to the next in line, who could, if they then chose to give it to another lower ranking clan.

Top Three Clans

Although this was generally agreed upon and was thought of as a good solution, at least in the short term, there was one who would attempt to throw a wrench into this plan. TORP, a powerful force within the Kingdom, demanded that they be sent 30 million silver per day in order to NOT permanently take the Place of Power by force.

This, as you could expect, caused a choir of protest from numerous prominent voices within the realm, including a number of clan Chiefs, some of which are in charge of some of the powerful forces within our great lands.

The alternative to accepting this outcome would be an all out war, with no end in sight, unless the other clans bowed down and accepted this "bribe".

At the time of putting ink to this parchment, a war of words is erupting within the realm and it is anyone’s guess where this will go next. Will clan chiefs back down and give in to the terms, or will a war of epic proportions erupt within the borders of Krastardob? 

We shall soon discover the answers to these questions and undoubtedly, many more. Stay tuned.

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