The Red Rebels Square Off Against the Beru Clan

The Red Rebels have entered into a war against the Beru Clan. This contest of wills has taken a turn for the worse, both sides have drawn steel and now only one side will walk away victorious, who will it be?

A full-on war has broken out between two clans. Forces are marching in both directions, enemies are pounding on the gates of each other’s strongholds and death can be witnessed all around.

The two opposing forces are the Red Rebels, from Krastardob, and the Beru clan, from the Borkeveig Kingdom.

Clan Vs Clan Red Rebels Vs Beru 2

Clan Vs Clan Red Rebels Vs Beru

These two sides have been pitted against each other in a battle of wills, and even though it could have remained non-hostile--with each side only collecting points from resource gathering, troop production and various other nonaggressive activities--it has not turned out that way.

No, it was only a matter of time before one side decided that bloodshed would be needed, and along with it, the valuable points that are awarded to the victorious.

The Red Rebels were the first to take action and invading their enemy’s Kingdom, moving a number of their fighters right to the very perimeter of the Beru's borders and then launching attack after attack on their lands, burning many strongholds in the process.

Red Rebels Clan War Borkeveig

Red Rebels Clan War Invader

These actions netted the most aggressive members of the Red Rebels a massive amount of points and they quickly shot up the clan ranking charts. Even so, this contest of wills was still evenly matched and only by a slight margin did the Red Rebels lead.

Clans War Big Points Red Rebels

Red Rebels vs Beru Clan War

To win this effort, both sides began to formulate plans of action amongst their members. They planned out various hits on the enemy lands, as best as they could. Some suggested raiding more of the enemy lands not only for destruction, but also to harvest their vital resources. 

Rebels Plan Attacks

Clan Vs Clan

Rebels Gather Resources Enemy realm

In the end, there could only be one victor in this epic battle, only one that could walk away knowing they did all they could and were rewarded for their valiant efforts.

The minutes drew to a close and right up until the very end you could hear steel clashing on steel. The points were tallied and a winner was declared.

As the trumpets blared and the results announced, the Red Rebels heard their name called out. To them, the bonuses and the rewards were allotted, by a slight margin they were declared the winner in this grand contest of minds, force and will. To them, the honor was bestowed.

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