Total Domination Cerberus Biomech Unit Review

By David Heckman

cerebrus biomech


Plarium says: "The result of improved cybernetic research into autonomous biomechanical hybrid weapons systems, the "Cerberus" unit is a highly survivable defensive biomech capable of vastly improving the tactical performance of all defensive infantry units. Let them come!” “Improving tactical performance?” Now that's an understatement! These awesome cyborg killing machines have guns the size of Harley-Davidsons and can stomp an enemy soldier to death without even meaning to. Check out those glowing beady eyes—scary! These guys are what you need if you're sick of being raided and occupied, and want to beef up your Defensive Units.


Cerberus Biomechs are what's known as Fleet Battle Group Units. “Each additional defensive Infantry unit deployed with the “Cerberus” receives a bonus to its defensive statistics.” So having even a single Cerberus mixed in with your Cyberdogs, Gladiators, “Cutie” Androids and so forth will give each of them a bonus. In the above screenshot you can see the top-tier bonuses. A-Fireteams get +23 defense, as do A-Anti-Artillery Teams and so on. It's not the cream of the crop who benefit though: even the lowly Cyberdog gets a whopping +13. Better still, the more defensive Infantry you pile on, the bigger the cumulative bonus that your one Cerberus will provide and this is up to a maximum of +2,300 distributed amongst your men or 100 troops, whichever comes first. That's a huge bonus from a single unit investment.


They're available now, only on the Black Market.


Be sure to place them only with groups of defensive Infantry units: these include Cyberdogs, Gladiators, the various S.C.A.R. types (Sniper, Heavy Gunner, Anti-Artillery Team, ASP Fireteams), the Combat Chassis, and the Cutie Android. Don't bother using them with other types of units, such as offensive units or other types of defensive units (Armor, Artillery, etc.). Since they're so valuable and high-impact, deploy them with your biggest, strongest force at your most important strategic objective!


A single Cerberus is all it takes to turn your troops from battlefield fodder to elite guardians of your precious base. In addition to protecting your Emitters and other holdings, they might be just what you need to stop pesky Base raiders and occupiers. No longer will your forces be wiped out over and over again in raids, letting other players feed on your helpless pile of resources. A Cerberus will make any attacker think twice, even if they're never tested in the field of battle, when your enemy's Recon spots one among your ranks, they'll probably turn away in search of easier prey...good news for you!


Open the Black Market and spend some of your hard-earned Crystals. I know, I know: spending Crystals on a single unit, and it just helps out your pre-existing units...why bother? Well, think of it this way: Instead of wasting Crystals reviving your defeated defensive Infantry units, your troops will be boosted and therefore will live to fight another day. Even your cheapest, lowest-level troops will benefit from a Cerberus. It's one of the best investments you can make: It will start helping immediately and keep on providing benefits for a long time to come.

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