New Filters!


They probably told you that in war, what matters is good strategy, mutagen, and a huge army of Valkyries. But listen up, kids: trade is the ticket to success!

Our Tech geeks have developed a new way of trading your Resources with other Commanders, making this process faster and easier for you. Go to your Trade Gateway to see what all the fuss is about:

1. You can now sort trade offers by the time of their delivery. Time is money, of course.

2. From now on you can specify not only what Resource you’re looking for, but also the Resource you are offering. Do business on your own terms!

3. Every Resource Trade offer now lists the ratio of resources exchanged—there’s a big difference between 2:1 and 1:1 after all. Tell at a glance if an offer is a goldmine or a rip-off.

4. From this moment on, you can see not only you and your friends’ offers, but also the offers of your Clan members and Allies. Whether they remain your allies after you see their business practices…that’s up to you.

Exchange resources at the Trade Gateway and fill up your Warehouse!