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Clan Achievements are optional challenges that require the combined efforts of all Clan Members. Upon completion of each Achievement, each Clan will be rewarded with a Clan-wide bonus that will give them a significant edge over their competition in the Wasteland, along with additional perks for each participating Clan Member. These may include Tech Nodes, special Artifacts, Units, permanent modifications to their Sector or Unit statistics, or other features.

All Clan Achievements feature multiple levels. Upon completion of each Achievement Level, your Clan will be rewarded with increasingly larger bonuses. After completing the required number of Achievement Levels, each Achievement will be rated ‘Gold'. When a Clan has completed all Achievements at the ‘Gold' rating, either the Clan Leader or Deputy Clan Leader may take a screenshot of their Achievements (taken at the Embassy) and submit it to the Plarium support team to get a special reward.

There are two kinds of Achievement Bonuses - Clan Bonuses, and Individual Bonuses.

Clan Bonuses

These are awarded to a Clan collectively upon successful completion of a Clan Achievement. These bonuses can take the form of ranking point boosts in the Clan Rankings, or Clan-wide bonuses to Unit or Sector statistics for all participating Clan Members. Clan Bonuses earned while being a member of one Clan are non-transferable, and can not be retained upon leaving that Clan. Clan Members joining a Clan after it has earned an Achievement will not enjoy the benefits of any existing Clan Bonuses.

Individual Bonuses

These are your personal rewards for assisting your Clan in completing a Clan Achievement – these could take the form of Tech Nodes, free Units, or special items and Artifacts. To claim your bonus, click on the highlighted "Claim Reward" button in the "My Clan" section of the Embassy once your Clan has successfully completed an Achievement. Individual Bonuses are one-time offers and, like Clan Bonuses, cannot be used once you've left the Clan in which you received it – so choose your side carefully!

To view the list of Clan Achievements, along with their Terms and Bonuses, go the "My Clan" tab in the Embassy.

Clan Achievements aren’t just for Clan powerhouses! Fight for the supremacy of your Clan and claim your rewards!

Gen. Trevor “Tornado” Winters