Discounted Crystals



STRATCOM has issued the following list of recommendations to help you get the most out of your investment. Read on to get the most bang for your buck.

If you have just been appointed to your new Sector command and are just beginning Wasteland operations, consider buying:

- The Extractor Rig. With maximum upgrade, the Rig gives you a permanent 25% boost to your total Titanium and Uranium production, and can be upgraded for free! To buy an Extractor Rig, go to "Construction" menu and open the "Resource" tab.

- Elite Sector Security. These units actively fight in every battle that takes place in your Sector, and once destroyed can be easily repaired and brought back online by you or your friends at no additional cost. These repairs can be repeated an unlimited number of times – meaning a long-term return on a one-time investment. Sector Security units may be found in the "Improvements" tab of your "Construction" menu.

- Mutagen Barrels. Each Mutagen Barrel grants you an additional daily dose of Mutagen - enough for creating one more Cyborg every day. Cyborgs are multi-purpose units that can be used in offense and defense, consume no Credits for their upkeep, and can be created for free.

If you already are a seasoned veteran, you know what Crystals are for – but this is still the military, so you know the drill. Crack open your STRATCOM handbook to Subsection 4, "Crystal Uses For Senior Field Commanders" and read along…

- Fleet Battle Group Units. Purchasing Fleet Battle Group units at the Black Market enhances the effectiveness of your regular unit performance several times over. Any FBG unit deployed with a full group of supporting units will inflict significant damage against inferior enemy forces.

- Restoring your units at the Infirmary. This will allow you to save resources and Crystals on rebuilding your forces. It is significantly cheaper to restore your army at the Infirmary than to replace lost units at the Black Market.

- Boosting your resource production rate. You can increase your Titanium, Uranium, and Credit production by 25% for 3 days using Crystals.

- Purchasing resources, units and modules at the Black Market.

Spend those Crystals wisely, Commander, and good luck!