Clan News



Our R&D department has been hard at work developing new improvements to your command and control capabilities. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the following new capabilities!

Clan Expansion/Clan Command Relays

All Clan Members level 50 and higher will now automatically receive Clan Command Relays for every 5th higher experience level attained. These communication devices can be used to increase your Clan’s maximum membership limit (Maximum 150 Members).

The number of Command Relays will increase upon attaining higher levels:

Level 50 – 1 Command Relay

Level 55 – 2 Command Relays

Level 60 – 3 Command Relays

Level 65 – 4 Command Relays

Level 70/75/(etc.) – 5 Command Relays

To use this feature:

Go to the Embassy and open the “My Clan”/”Expansion” tab. From here you can view the current number of Command Relays you and your Clanmates have available, or apply your Command Relays towards raising your membership limit. Each additional Clan Membership slot requires 20 Command Relays to unlock. All level 50+ Clan Members may contribute towards Clan expansion.

NOTE: All Command Relays have been retroactively applied to reflect current Experience Levels and Clan Leaders and their Deputies will be able to monitor each member’s contributions.

IMPORTANT: Once you've applied your Command Relays, they cannot be removed. Once you have given them to your Clan, they become Clan property. Be sure of your allegiance before contributing…

As always, our technicians pride themselves on making your Wasteland experience as devastating and post-apocalyptic as possible. STRATCOMM appreciates the continued feedback we’ve been getting from the field, and have more Clan updates coming soon!

Stay tuned, and dismissed!

Gen. Trevor T. Winters