May 2014

Urgent Announcement!

STRATCOM has big news to report. Our engineers have completed their weapons upgrades for your combat enjoyment. Play with superior firepower, advanced capabilities and combat-ready arsenals. Coming Soon to a military base near you!


Up Close & Personal: Advisor Bios

Advisors' BiosWant to know more about your advisors? Now you can explore the archives of Project Memory. Learn about where your advisors came from; test your knowledge too. Are you ready for the surprises hidden within the Wastelands? Read More

Q&A with the Developers

TD Chronicles - ReflectionsAttention Commanders! Are you able to decode complex software without ruining its integrity? If so, we urgently require your council. You have been granted authority to contact our developers about Total Domination. We will respond to the most compelling questions. The clock is ticking. Read More

Important Media Release from STRATCOM COMCEN

Media ReleaseThe era of the Post Apocalypse has shaped the new world of the Wasteland. Ah – forget that! We’ve got some pretty awesome hardware that’s now available for your eyes only. Snap to attention – your Media Centre awaits.  Read More

Chronicles: Reflections

TD Chronicles ReflectionsDuring the years 810 – 1710 there was successful colonization of Proxima Centauri. 900 years of expansion across the Universe took place. Teams of archaeologists unearthed evidence of The First (an extinct alien civilization with highly sophisticated biomechanical technology). It’s fascinating stuff! Read More