March 2014

Clan Stats Have Now Been Enabled

Central Command has authorised Clan Leaders and others with the required authority to track and monitor other Clanmates’ Troops. Now you can gather intelligence on your Clanmates’ Troops direct from the Embassy. No need to clutter your Excel sheets or other related work sheets. Read More

Command Central News Release: Chat Functionality for Wasteland

ChatAttention Commanders We urge you to maintain battle-ready status. Effective immediately, all players have been green-lighted to maintain awareness of changes in the Wasteland by way of in-game Chats. Read More

Alert Notice: Earn Protocrystals for Your New Units + Tech Gear

Earn ProtocrystalsOperation Safari dealt a crushing blow to our Stalker allies. Our battle reports indicate that Morgana’s latest abomination – an ungodly creature – was taken out, but there was significant collateral damage. The Stalkers were swept from their camps into the Wasteland. Please stay on high alert for allied troops looking for refuge from the harsh conditions of the Wasteland. Read more

History of the Universe 101: Prehistory 2050 – 2125 AD

ChroniclesDuring the global cataclysm that was WW3, planet Earth lost 40% of its human population. We also sustained crippling losses to our biodiversity, with 70% being wiped out. Now, industrial society exists under a hereditary Elite group of rulers. We are undergoing a technological renaissance, but human society is trapped in a post-feudal state. Read More