June 2014

Update on Status Change – Challenge Condition Implemented!

Challenge ConditionAttention Commanders! Effective immediately, your Clan has been granted full authorization to challenge other Clans. You will now be able to assert your Clan’s authority and control, earn valuable Clan Achievements, and compete with other Clans. Click to read more

Buy Valuable Tech Nodes for Protocrystals at the Black Market

Buy Tech NodesWastelanders, we have an important bulletin!
STRATCOM brings you news that you are now able to buy Tech Nodes for Protocrystals at the Black Market. Now you can use a unique resource to acquire the Tech Nodes you need. Click to read more

Tactical Weapons Class Now Available

Tactical Weapons ClassCommanders, we’d like to draw your attention to a new unit class – Tactical Weapons. The R&D team at STRATCOM is proud to release a new class of standoff weaponry that has been optimized for your offensive capabilities. Commanders who enjoy taking the fight to the enemy will be pleased with this new unit class – Tactical Weapons is here. Get acquainted with the latest addition to our family… Click to read more

Earn Big Rewards with New PvP Quest

New PvP QuestCommanders, we have an important announcement to share with you.
A new Operation has now been activated. You can Raid enemy strongholds, or perhaps even take on your arch-nemesis. You will earn rewards based on how many enemy combatants you destroy. As you rise through the ranks, your rewards will increase accordingly. Click to read more

Briefing: Wasteland Chronicles

Chronicles_JuneTime period: 1710 – 2000 NE – Pax Imperialis. Three hundred years of geopolitical stability and economic prosperity led to the widespread expansion of humanity. During this era of prosperity, mankind’s hold over the galaxy is strengthened. Commerce and technology flourish under many peaceful Imperial reigns. Click to read more