Week No.6 - Total Domination - Letters from the frontlines

Day 26: 31APR2135 NE

Seems like our Commander’s forgotten about us. No orders, no action, no sign of life, no nothing. Just my luck! We have to make the most of it I suppose, but people are getting annoyed with each other already – the infighting’s already started!

Day 31: 05MAY2135 NE

Finally! The Commander made the effort to check in with us today. There’s no rush, you know; we’re only your army, willing to give our lives for you. Don’t concern yourself if you’re busy wanting to see who the next king will be in Game of [REDACTED]… He’s recalled us from the Bunker, but we’ve received no further orders. He was only here for about 3 minutes, not much he could actually do I guess.

Day 32: 06MAY2135 NE

So, we’ve gone from sitting in the bunker doing nothing, to sitting on the perimeter doing nothing. Wonderful! No idea how the Commander managed to get to such a high level with this kind of work ethic and commitment. Maybe his nephew played up to this level, I don’t know, but it seems like he’s losing interest. Maybe all that arguing with his old Clan Leader was just to save face and he’s actually been scared off. We’ll see!

Day 33: 07MAY2135 NE

Decided to take it upon myself to read our Commander’s messages today; his private, direct ones. Nothing to be found there except an ominous message to his old Clan Leader, stating “Fine. I’m done with it then. [expletive deleted] you.” Now it’s starting to make sense. Doesn’t look like we’ll be getting our Commander back any time soon. Stupid, I know – it’s not as if he can send real-life tanks round to his house if he’s angry at you. These humans… No heart!

Day 34: 08MAY2135 NE

Resigned ourselves to just waiting for a raid to come and take us out now. We’ve fashioned a sort of white flag out of paint and the tarp covering the ammo and weapons crates, but we’re not sure if it’ll be of any use. When people tend to raid, they don’t bother to look out for a sign of surrender, most just want some blood and Resources in the Wasteland …

Day 35: 09MAY2135 NE

Thought today was the day! We saw a huge raid coming over the horizon, and everybody was excited to finally be decommissioned! Imagine that, being excited to die! For some it is freedom and a fresh start. Things have really taken a turn for the worse at our Base … Anyway, the Raid came, and we were ready to give up, to lie down and just take the beating, but when they got here… I just don’t understand it. As if programmed by a computer, we just began defending ourselves. Firing bullets left and right, taking down the opposing forces without even thinking. We managed to fend off the raid and destroy their whole force, while they only managed to take out about 30% of our Base Resources … We’re still here, waiting for another opportunity to lose. I want a fresh start now. I’ll even be a Cyberdog. Anything – sign me up now!

Day 36: 10MAY2135 NE

Received an Intel report on an incoming raid; it’ll arrive in just over 36 hours … Almost 2 days of waiting ... I mean, come on – what is the point??? This is torture now! We don’t know what’s coming, but everyone here hopes it’s big enough to take us out. We need a fresh start, a new Clan, a new Commander – a Commander with commitment. We’ll see … END TRANSMISSION STRATCOM PERSONNEL RECORDS ARCHIVE DEPARTMENT

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