Week No.5 - Total Domination - Letters from the frontlines

Day 21: 26APR2135 NE

Had a difficult day; the Commander sent us to take out an Infestation, but he didn’t recon it first! It caused us a barrel load of problems … I was sent out, together with 15 other Units, thinking it would be, as always, a low Level infestation … But when we got there, almost 2000 Destructors were waiting for us! Looks like Morgana has some inside info or something, it’s like she was waiting for us. Barely got out alive, should have carried out a recon first. Lesson learned … I hope!

Day 22: 27APR2135 NE

Looks like our Commander’s ex-clan Leader isn’t too pleased with the whole “leaving the Clan” deal! The Base was hit by at least 10 Raids today from our old Clan members – nice to see everyone’s loyalty is so easily bought! Thank god our Commander had the good sense to put everyone in the Bunker, or we’d have been decommissioned for sure!

Day 23: 28APR2135 NE

Our Commander’s been sending messages all day to the ex-Clan Leader; good to see he’s got some stones, he’s really standing up for himself … And, by the sounds of it, our ex-leader’s mother has been getting up to things she really should be keeping secret. Also, sounds like she really needs to lose some weight.

Day 24: 29APR2135 NE

Still no action, everyone’s still waiting in the Bunker – not like we can leave without the Commander’s orders… We’re just Units after all; it’s not as if we can be trusted to think for ourselves. Things are getting boring now. People are doing press-ups and other exercises, but I’m a tank. I have no muscles. I’m hoping we’ll get some action soon.

Day 25: 30APR2135 NE

Still here! Honestly, being a Unit in TD isn’t all it’s cracked up to be… I’d much prefer to be a human, you know, in real life. We’re still locked in here, and the whole “no free will” gig is getting old quick. Really not much to keep us occupied in here, but people have started to “surf” on my back while I’m going at full speed. We’ve got a bit of a competition going, seeing who can last the longest; a bit like one of those ride-the-bull games you see in trashy bars. How about Joining Total Domination’s units to the fight?

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