Week No.4 - Total Domination - Letters from the frontlines

Day 16: 21APR2135 NE

Saw my Commander writing to the Clan Leader in the chat system; something about missing the Clan meeting because his “family” came round. What does that make us then – not family? We die for you every day, Commander – wake up! Also mentioned that his little cousin was using his computer, so I guess that’s who sent me on my lonesome for a mission. Glad I found out; I was just about to start causing some havoc!

Day 17: 22APR2135 NE

Good god! I wasn’t privy to the meeting, but our Clan Leader has had an argument with the Angry Cauliflower Clan – only the biggest Clan anywhere in the Wasteland! Looks like we’ll be gearing up to lose everything soon! I guess it is the price you pay for such loyalty. Speaking as someone who’ll be deployed on the front line very soon, Clan loyalty can kiss my [expletive deleted]!

Day 18: 23APR22135 NE

The Commander showed his gonads today – quit the Clan at the last minute, leaving his ex-clan leader with a big problem on his hands. Fighting the most powerful clan in the Wastelands without one of his most trusted Generals isn’t gonna be easy; but who cares? He caused the problem. He made his own bed; he better get comfy – he’ll be there for a while!

Day 19: 24APR2135 NE

The Commander’s been running low on Resources since leaving his Clan; the Leader’s managed to alienate him from all his previous Clanmates … I guess you are either in, or you are definitely out! Been busy today – raiding for Resources until we couldn’t do it any longer. It was weird, I could tell he wanted us to keep raiding, but every time he opened his mouth to shout, it seemed as if an invisible wall … almost like a popup box coming up in front of his face … was stopping him, weird, huh?

Day 20: 25APR2135 NE

Things are on the up; we’re getting used to this “raiding all day every day” routine we’ve been running. Its hard work, and we’re getting a bit tired, but the Commander’s showing he doesn’t need a clan to stand on his own two feet. Honestly, I think I like this guy.

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