Week No.3 - Total Domination- Letters from the frontlines

Day 11: 15APR2135 NE

Just one disappointment after another, after yesterday's attack! I had been expecting something today … I had expected to field an attack three or four times the size of yesterday’s, but nope – nothing! I can’t really get my head around what the point of yesterday was! Basically just a suicide mission if you ask me! Maybe the Commander is depressed and wants to lose? Or maybe he just really didn’t like those troops. Either way, what the [expletive deleted]? I didn’t sign up for this [expletive deleted].

Day 12: 17APR2135 NE

Oh come on! Another day here? I’m READY! Come and take out the Infestation - I’m ready to advance to contact! It’s already past midday and no sign of an incoming attack, so I guess it’s another day of counting Mutants … If only someone could Upgrade these Infestations and hook up some Wi-Fi – at least then I could catch up on season 4 of [REDACTED].

Day 13: 18APR2135 NE

Looks like someone slipped a splash of Mutagen in the Commander’s morning coffee! He finally found his cojones – sent out almost 2 thousand troops to take down the Infestation. Not bad, actually… Looks like he’s got his house in order, finally! It’ll be good to work with someone so experienced for a change … fingers crossed!

Day 14: 19APR2135 NE

First day with the new Commander. Got to have a look around the base, no action for me as of yet. Things could change soon though; word around the Base is that our Commander’s Clan Leader is a bit of a psycho, and apparently he’s always running his mouth off in the chat. What have I got myself into?

Day 15: 20APR2135 NE

Got sent out today to take care of an Infestation… On my own! Not sure if the order was meant for me, if it was miscommunicated or what, but I’d like to have a word with our oh-so-wise Commander soon. Luckily it wasn’t heavily-manned, so I managed to get out in one piece. Must have been a mistake, I can’t believe a Commander with this level could be so stupid …

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