Week No.2 - Letters from the frontlines

Day 6: April 12, 2135 NE.

Now this is more like it! Respawned as an Imperial Light Tank. The best of the best. I’ve got the speed, I’ve got the firepower… and I’m on a Level 22 Campaign Infestation, so whoever I get transferred to won’t have a tactical IQ lower than their shoe size. Now, we just sit back and wait…

Day 7: April 12, 2135 NE.

Still waiting, but morale is high. Not exactly a lot of action, I mean, we can see the Mutants, but they’re not attacking. Just kind of looking at us… like they’re waiting for something. You and me both, guys.

Day 8: April 13, 2135

Still no action. I’ve named one of the Total Domination’s Mutants that keeps pacing my section of the perimeter. Ted. Ted the Mutant. Ted might have been a Trooper once… can’t make out the insignia on what’s left of his armor. Heavily pixilated, so one of the early Clans. Hell of a way to go.

Day 9: April 14, 2135

Got buzzed by a squadron of Exterminators – must have been clockin’ 360km. Someone’s been using their Tech Nexus, or has some killer artifacts. Whoever is on the receiving end is in for a very bad day. Oh, and Ted ate of our Phantom Scouts today… those things scare me worse than the mutants. Good on ya, Ted.

Day 10: April 14, 2135

Finally! We’re seeing some action! First Wave hit our Campaign Infestation at 07:00 – looks like they took out a good 30% of the Mutants… so long Ted ol’ buddy. I’m thinking it was kind of big for a test attack – hope whoever this is has the cajones to follow up…

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