Week No.1 - Letters from the Frontlines

Day 1: April 7th, 2135 NE

Dear diary. Was just purchased with resources in Total Domination by my new commander, user "SpankyPants20014". Of all the outfits in the Wastelands, I get stuck with this one. No activity, no orders in the past 24 hours. Great… an inactive player. He didn't even put is the bunker, and it looks like we've got an incoming Raid... will write more if I survive.

Day 2: April 8th, 2135 NE

I died this morning. Figures. My last commander – let’s call him Snuffy - didn't post any defensive troops, and BLAM - got taken out by a clan attack in about 20min. Freakin’ amateur. I respawned with a new outfit out in third quadrant at coordinates [REDACTED]. Nice place. Lots of improvements... new Commander’s with a clan, so I'm guessing its barracks duty until we get an Emitter attack mission. I miss my home server... but at least the food doesn't suck.

Day 3: April 9th, 2135 NE

Died again, along with 6,000 Cyberdogs. How embarrassing. Who even uses Cyberdogs, seriously? What Clan let this guy in? Looks like I'm in a French clan now, so maybe I'll make it through the weekend. Fun fact – “Battle Cruiser” is “Crosieur de Bataille” en francais. My new buddy Jean-Paul says he knows a guy who even respawned as a one. Always wanted to fly, and they get to hit all the big targets. Had a look in the Black Market… don’t tell mom.

Day 4: April 10th, 2135 NE

Strategic Command announced a new Global Mission today, but we’re under orders from our Clan Leader not to engage… my guess is he’s planning something big. Can’t make it out, ‘cause, ya know, French, but the chatter on the chat network says we’re springing a Depot trap. I’m ready to go get me some n00bs.

Day 5: April 11th, 2135 NE

Died again. Oh, yeah, not on an actual mission – no, god forbid. Killed off due to Credit Consumption. Yeah, the recruiters don’t mention that part. OK, I get it - I’m only a Trooper… but what does a Disintegrator got that I haven’t got? I mean, aside from 900 offensive points. Whatever. Joke’s on them– it was just me and two other guys, so at least they didn't get any XP off me. Ready to play?