2098-0001/01-20b4m0k013 Personnel Service Record

Full Name:
Trevor Torias Winters
Duty Status:
O-10 General Officer
Known Relatives:
Mother - Julia Winters, DECEASED Father - Victorian Winters, DECEASED


Lord Commander, Imperial Guard (ret.), Praetorian Order of the Imperial Blood, founding member of Imperial Interim Provisional Authority (Emergency Powers Act 2313 NE), Acting Commander of Forces, Strategic Command.

Martial Achievements:

14,893 confirmed kills. 3,125 close quarters combat. 274 unarmed. Refer to Appendix A-17 for full list of campaigns and decorations.


Born in administrative region 117 Earth, 2098 NE. Parents were Combine Belt industrial workers, both killed during early outbreaks of the HDS-2 bioassembler epidemic. Spent early youth as an Imperial ward, (Gymnasium 117-G-24), were he displayed an early aptitude for leadership, mathematics, and light athletics.

Recruited into Cadet Legion at age 12, fast-tracked for junior officer training and accepted into Imperial Military Academy at age 14. Graduated Academy at age 18, followed by accelerated tactical training at [CLASSIFIED]. Received first field promotion in 2122, when he assumed command of a Scorpion Armor Battalion during the first Red Demos insurgency. During the engagement he defied standard doctrine, opting instead to reroute power in damaged frontline units to drive systems, re-deploy them to shield his surviving forces, and physically overrun the enemy forces with minimal casualties.

Winters actively participated in quarantine and evacuation efforts during the worsening HDS-2 epidemic, sustaining critical injuries during the evacuation of Colchis -8. He survived due to the personal intervention of Emperor Cassius and initiation into the Order of the Imperial Blood. During his recovery, Major Winters was accepted into the inner Imperial family circle, becoming a close friend and advisor of Emperor Cassius, and appointed commander of the Imperial Guard. For heroism and extraordinary service, he was promoted to rank of general at the age of 28 - at the time the youngest General Officer in the history of the Empire.

During the rise of militant opposition to the emergency efforts enacted to complete the Emitter network, he was put in personal command of all counter-insurgency operations, leading to his eventual command of all Imperial Forces during the civil war.

Though off-world supervising the completion of the “Cocoon” orbital interdiction field during the assassination of the Imperial Family, Winters personally executed the conspirators responsible upon his return and was instrumental in the regrouping of surviving Imperial forces and the founding of the Interim Provisional Authority (now known as Strategic Command).

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