CEJ33792RL00107 Personnel Service Record

Full Name:
NICKSON Edvin, Joshua
Date of Birth:
2076 NE, Mars
Date of Expiration:
2124 NE
Registered in the "Memory" project:
2112 NE
Imperial Guard Combat Advisor. Imperial Guard Colonel


Father – noble by birth - Mars Governor's Officer, went missing during the "Tornado-1" revolution.

Martial Achievements: Insurgency suppression in the Verona star system, Mars Base "Tornado - 1" combat assault

NICKSON received an excellent education, which led to the prospect of an outstanding Military Career.

During his student years he showed an aptitude for natural resourcefulness and tactical techniques.

NICKSON received his first field promotion on the planet Juliette – 14, when the Imperial Guards Army was entrapped by the superior forces of the local insurgents. NICKSON’s excellent tactical skills helped the Imperial Army relocate and counterattack the enemy force.

The "Juliette" Operation and the further insurgency suppression on the planet "Verona" system guaranteed NICKSON a successful military career. Soon afterwards he was appointed as the Imperial Guard Colonel and became known as "Thorn".

NICKSON was known to be reckless with decision making, often incurring heavy losses of troops and gained notoriety amongst the Imperial Army, despite having many victorious operations.

NICKSON was immediately sent to participate in the insurgency suppression of "Tornado-1" after his father had disappeared. This encounter was long remembered as "Nickson's firestorm".

NICKSON, or Colonel "Thorn", as he was more often named in Mass Media, decided not to return to the Southern Sector and stayed on Mars as the Governor's right-hand man. For his extraordinary service, Edvin was promoted to the rank of Martian Imperial Guard Commander and then became the Mars Governor and the Emperor's First Combat Advisor.

2112 NE NICKSON was ordered to the Capital to participate in the secret PROJECT MEMORY which aimed to create a powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI) which would enable knowledge collection from all remarkable persons living in the Era of the Nostalgia to be saved and protected.

Note: AI is based on the personality scans taken of the most Important Imperial representatives.

By order of the Emperor, NICKSON became the fourth and last participant.
Note: The "Memory" AI was integrated into the Sectors in forms of Advisors dealing with the corresponding branches of the commanders' activities.

2120 NE - NICKSON returned to Mars.

2120 NE – when the Grey Plague began, Mars was isolated from the outer world by his order and thus the pandemic caused by the outbreak of a powerful “Hades” nano-virus, was prevented from spreading for three years.When vital resources started running low, it was essential to resume contact with the Empire, which led to the Grey Plague episode on Mars.

2124 NE During the landing bioforces control, NICKSON was infected with the "Hades" virus which resulted in his death. He was buried at the Hall of Imperial Heroes.