The Recorded History
of the Galaxy
AD 2050 – NE 2130

In AD 2050, a massive nuclear war between two global superpowers destroyed the world as it was known then, setting human development back by centuries. Over the course of 65 years, the survivors of the Homo sapien species embarked on a period of rapid technological development and space exploration, during which the United Earth Council relocated the Earth's population into space, colonising much of the inner Solar System. By AD 2015, the last remnants of human civilization had left Earth for good, and the Anno Domini (AD) designation was disbanded in favour of New Era (NE) - signifying the new dawn of civilization.

The history of Earth up until that point was collated and assembled by various historians and authors, known as The Keepers. From the creation of the universe onwards, The Keepers kept records in the form of books, known as The Keepers' Collaborative History of Earth. They included every step in the evolution and history of the Earth and its inhabitants. The books were known as follows:

  • Book 1: Prehistory, Early Humans and the Rise of Civilization
  • Book 2: Ancient History, Cradles of Civilization and the Rise and Decline of Regional Empires
  • Book 3: Post-Classical Era, the Conjugation of Empires, Subcontinents, and Trade Commerce
  • Book 4: AD1900 Contemporary Era, Industrial Growth, Destruction Through Progression, Pollution and the Interlinked Earth
  • Book 5: The End, The Beginning, The Renaissance

To have an understanding of what happened to the civilization and colonisation of humans between the period of AD 2050 and the beginning of the New Era (NE), one must refer to the information collected in The Keepers' Collaborative History of Earth. The following information is understood to be factually accurate, and has been quoted directly from the reference material in The Keepers' Collaborative History of Earth, Book 5: The End, The Beginning, The Renaissance.