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By Steven Van Scoter, Clan N3M3SIS

Surviving in the Wastelands can be difficult, but there are a few steps you can take to prosper. Protecting your sector tops the list. This includes keeping your troops safe and your resources out of the hands of the hungry vultures out there. Here are some ways to do that.

Basic Survival

  • Bunker, Bunker and oh yeah, Bunker! The bunker is your friend.  Keep your troops in the bunker at  all times. This includes defensive troops, unless you have a great deal. Better to lose some resources than to have to rebuild.

  • Spend Down  Unless you are saving up for some big upgrade, use up as much of your resources as possible before logging off for a prolonged period (like sleeping!).  Your bunker will protect some of your resources, so keep that in mind.

  • Drones are your friends   People are less likely to come a-knockin’ if they don’t know what’s waiting for them. Drones are an excellent deterrent for those enemy commanders who are looking for easy pickings. Try and get into the habit of building at least 10 a day. Can never have too much.



Ah, raiding! My favorite topic. Raiding is the bread and butter of resource gathering. Sure, you have mines and vaults, but carefully executed raids offer far greater bounties than what you can produce. So, what are some MMO games tips and tricks to make sure you maximize your return? Keep reading!

  • Make your raids count! You only get a max of 10 raids, with the regeneration rate of 1 raid every 2 hours. Make the most of them by maximizing your return.

  • Know your Enemy   You don’t want to go blundering into a trap, or have a raid go out and only return with a small amount of resources. Me personally, if I’m not gonna bring back at least 30k in total resources, then it’s not worth the raid. And just how do I know how much I’ll be bringing back? Glad you asked.

  • Scouts Out! Remember those drones you make everyday to protect from prying eyes? Well make them work for the credits they consume. Scout your target out. Send out a Drone to your target and see what’s there.  Can’t get a look at what they have because of recon protection there? Send in some cheap troops as an invasion. I prefer to use between 25 and 50 Valkyries. Based on what they kill or if some come back will give you an idea of what is there. They have bunkers too - Just as you have bunkers, they do too. Take that into account when determining if it’s a good target. A level 20 bunker will protect up to 18k worth of resources. So if this is your first raid, try and guess the size of their bunker. Try and remember how upgraded your bunker was when you were at that level.

  • Do some research   What research can you possibly do, you might be wondering? Well there is plenty. A person’s profile can tell a lot about that sector. Things like raid score (negative raid score=easy target), what their base looks like (None of the recent buildings there, like the Hospital? Raid away!) and their level can tell you a lot. Once you recon them and then raid them, you can figure out their bunker size.

  • Record your findings   You have 100 bookmarks, use ‘em! I use bookmarks to remember the AI sectors within 200 km of my sector as well as those player sectors. I keep it simple. The AI sectors I just tag as being AI sectors. Player sectors I use the following code. xkB (x = bunker size) (space) xkR (x = total resources gained) (space) date. So for example, 6kB 100kR 8-16. That would tell me that on Aug 16th I raided that sector, they have a bunker size of 6k and I gained 100k in resources.

  •  Learn the glitch raid  For those of you who are new to the game, you can only take up to 50k of resources from a sector per week. The glitch raid allows you to take from them resources equal to the amount you send then cancel to them. I won’t get into the glitch raid here, there is a separate document in the file section detailing glitch raiding.


Not much to say about it… don’t underestimate the power of combined defense. Build up your Defense, respond to the callout when a fellow clan member needs it and watch units splat against it. Participate and others will notice and help you out as well.

Try those tips out! Play Total Domination NOW!

This article was written by player Steven Van Scoter, who granted permission for it to be posted on Any thoughts or views expressed herein are the player's own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Plarium Global.

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