Analysis of the Updated Infestations- Part 1

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by Steven Van Scoter

It’s been a few months since the change regarding the Infestation missions (or “infests” for short), and boy, has it been a long and bumpy ride. This article was written to analyze the data that I have collected while doing Infests. My data was collected between May 23, 2015 and Aug 31, 2015. The range of infests that I have hit during that time was between 25 and 92. From level 58 to 92 I was doing only the highest level offensive infest (Some call this ‘doing the level 100 run’).

NOTE: The information provided here is based on data gained BEFORE I completed the run. I am currently collecting data for post run infests and have noticed that there are different factors that are applied when hunting for Normal payouts. For those of you who are very familiar with the infesting system, some of this may bore you. Feel free to skip over those parts.

The basics of the Infest and bank

Now, since the disclaimer is over, let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of the new Infestation system. I think that the hardest thing for people to accept with the new system is that there is a payout with every successful infest. Prior to the update, a payout meant that you had filled your bank and a payout was triggered. Not the case with the new system . Another thing I see frequently is people describing how much Offensive power was lost to Morgana without a normal payout. The infest banking system runs on the currency of Total Resource Cost (TRC for short) of a unit killed by Morgana. So, for example, one Thunderbolt puts 5400 TRC into the bank.

Getting past these things is the first step to being able to work the system to your advantage. More information on the banking system can be found here. Here you will find some good information on how to fill your bank quickly if that is your style of change.

I like to classify the infests into 3 different categories:

Side Mission: This is the highest infest you have. Completing this infest fulfills the Infest Mission found in the quest window, hence the ‘side’ name. The payout for this mission also includes tech nodes and will generally be lower than a Radar Mission payout.

Radar Mission: These are the infests that you find when you open up your radar from your sector. These will vary in level. Normal payouts will be higher than Side Missions and require a set bank balance to trigger a normal payout. Imperial Missions are NOT considered Radar Missions.

Imperial Mission: These are the missions that are accessible once you get your highestinfest to predetermined levels. These are the missions that payout a set reward, which include imperial units and Fleet Battle Groups. The infest bank is NOT used in these types of missions.

There are several different approaches to the infest system, with each Commander putting their own little ‘spin’ on it. I won’t be focusing too much on that, but will explain how I do it and the results that I have gotten with it.

This article was written by player Steven Van Scoter, who granted permission for it to be posted on Any thoughts or views expressed herein are the player's own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Plarium Global.

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