What’s next? Why, understanding Payouts, of course!- Part 2

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by Steven Van Scoter

Now that you have the general lingo down, the question remains, how does the Infest bank work and how do I fill it? Your bank is what determines what kind of payout that you will receive when you kill any Offensive (aka Red) or Defensive (aka Green) infest. I like to think of them as Normal and Small payouts. Normal payouts are paid out when the bank is equal or greater than the threshold for a payout. For example, the threshold for a level 50 infest is between (approximately) 11 – 13 Million resources.

Please note that there is not a definitive number published that has been determined to be the exact threshold. I base mine off of the data found on the Plarium Wiki site for infests and my own experience. These will typically payout close to 100% of what is currently in your bank. Some will say that there is a ‘tax’ on each payout. My experience is that it is negligible.
Small payouts are given when your bank has not reached the threshold for triggering a Normal payout. When not ‘doing the run’ (More on that later), based on my data, the small payouts will equal between 35% and 50% of what was just lost on that current infest. So, if 2 Million TRC (total resource cost) of troops were killed at a level 50 infest, your small payout would come out to around 1 Million TRC worth of troops.

The power of the troops will typically be lower that what was killed, based on unit level, artifacts and serums.
When doing the run, the payouts work a little bit differently. Currently, on my run, almost all of my payouts have been equal for almost 100% TRC of the troops lost. Some have been higher, based on the troop makeup at the infest and what was sent.

Also remember that the bank level for determining a payout is checked after the current battle ends but before any payouts are given. Note that if you want to know you bank level, you will have to keep track of it on your own. Most will use a spreadsheet of various complexities. Mine is a bit more complex since I like to know percentages and the details of each level. You will find a link to my spreadsheet template and user guide at the end of the article. Feel free to download it and use it.

Ok, so 2 different types of payouts. Tell me how to fill the Bank!

The easiest way what most refer to as ‘Grinding’. This is accomplished by raiding (for the red infests) or defending (the green infests) without actually destroying them. This keeps the resources in the bank without having them paid out. Hit the infests until the status bar on them turns yellow. It’s easier to grind down the Defensive (Green) infests because the total amount of mutant or troops will be displayed on the combat report. If you are unsure if what you send will be too much and kill the infest, there is always the option to send defensive units to an offensive infest and vice versa.

Death is quickly assured in that situation.

The not so easy way is to kill infests. While this will indeed fill your bank, it will do it slowly due to the small payouts described above. As stated above, you will only, on average bank about 50% of the TRC of those troops that were killed.

Sacrifice units to Morgana to fill the bank! When’s the big payouts?

Not so fast, there Commander. Let’s delve into payouts a little bit more and discuss what to expect when you successfully clean out an infestation. As discussed in the opening of this article, there are 3 different categories (as I see it) and with each one the payout system is different in how it’s paid out.

First, the easy one. Imperial Infests. These infests have a set payout and are not influenced in any way by the bank. Troops killed during these infestations do NOT bank. I personally like to slowly chip away at them with troopers, or leave them until I have nothing better to do.
Second, let’s discuss the payouts when you are “doing the run.” These payouts typically will be at least 100% of what was killed. It is possible to have your bank go negative in cases like this, so it’s a good idea to make sure you occasionally put some more TRC into the bank. I currently do not have any data on what would happen if you do not, as I try not to let it stay in the negatives. Data suggests that the more you have banked, the better the payout will be. Please note that the payouts discussed above apply to the highest level infest. If you go off a run, the 100% return rate is not a given.

Lastly are the payouts for the Radar missions. As stated earlier, there are two types, small and normal. This has caused the most confusion with some of the long time players, as well as the newer players who have not fully grasped the infesting system. Payouts are now a guaranteed thing. What you get in your payout will be determined by your bank size. I have found that the return rate (amount of TRC worth of units given as a payout) can range between 35% - 50% of the TRC of the troops that were used to kill it. Here is an example of a Radar Mission hit that resulted in a small payout.

Analysis of the Updated Infesting

Figure 1. Analysis of a Level 54 Radar Mission with a Small Payout

Note the numbers. 3.1 Million worth of TRC was killed and the payout equaled a total of 1.9 Million. That includes both the units and a large amount of resources. Since my bank was not at a level in which a Normal payout was warranted (it was at 6.5 Million after combat but before payout) the system gave me a small payout.

TIP: To avoid getting resources in a payout, make sure your warehouses and banks are full.

Here is what the numbers look like for a Normal Payout. Notice that the return rate is over five times what was lost, as well as the Offensive power. Granted, the total amount of Offensive power lost to get the payout may of actually been slightly lower than total gained.

Analysis of the Updated Infesting

Figure 2 Analysis of a Level 49 with Normal Payout

This article was written by player Steven Van Scoter, who granted permission for it to be posted on Plarium.com. Any thoughts or views expressed herein are the player's own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Plarium Global.

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