Meet Nathan Hamblin - Total Domination: Reborn MMO Master Interview

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Broadcast of our chat with one of the Wasteland’s finest, Commander Nathan C. Hamblin

TORNADO (T): Lock up your daughters, Commanders, today we’re back in the COMCEN and the AIRFORCE is in town! Sit back and listen to the broadcast of our chat with one of the Wasteland’s finest, Commander Nathan C. Hamblin! Welcome to the STRATCOM COMCEN Commander, glad you've taken the time out of your schedule to come and visit the rear echelon with your battle buddy, the big T, the T-Dawg, the one and only host with the most - General Tornado Winters! (T-Dawg) So, DC "Humble-Hambo" Hamblin! How about you tell everyone how you came across TD:Reborn? Did someone introduce you to it, or did you find your way to the Wasteland on your own?

(Triple-H) I've always been into sci-fi strategy games, and after I bought my 1st iPhone I was searching through the App Store and found Total Domination: Reborn. So I downloaded it and after playing for just a few minutes I was hooked. Now I've been playing for almost 2 years! And still love it to this very day.

(T-Dawg) Ah, so you would be a Reborn Junkie then! Tell us about your Clan, US Air Force – are they your first Clan, or did you "Reborn" with another Clan before the big A1?

(Triple-H) US Air Force is my 1st and only clan I've ever been with; I have grown to be good friends with an excellent team who are as dedicated as I am. And to this day we still work together to achieve our common goals.

(T-Dawg) Aw shucks Hambo, I'm getting all teary with a lump in my throat … ok, that's over – now tell me, at the moment you are one of the Deputies in US Air Force. Do you have any special tasks … you know, like walk the cyber-dog, oil the rusting Valkyries etc?

(Triple-H) Funny man T-Dawg! Funny man indeed! Well, as a Deputy Clan Leader I try to help everyone with any problems they may have and control ops when the leader or another DCL is unavailable. Different time zones is a factor so we try to pick DCL's who are dedicated from different time zones that way someone is always on and ready to make a military or diplomatic decision if necessary. As a leader I try to lead by example and I try very hard not to let my new recruits make the same mistakes I made when I first started. If I am successful in this endeavor then my new recruits will have the best game experience as possible!

(T-Dawg) Sooooo … you are running a child minding service? Hahahah only joking Hambo! Sounds like a plan indeed – you guys are globally organized and leading from the front, I am mighty impressed – Great example for other Clans out there in the Wastes, or those commanders thinking of starting their own Clan! So keep talking commander, what is the Air Force Clan like though?

(Triple-H) Our clan is run by US Air Force veterans and Active Duty Personnel. The Clan actually runs like the real military, except for DCL's and Leaders! We are close brothers and most of our decisions are secretive to ensure no intelligence leaks!

(T-Dawg) Ah yes indeed, the old security concerns never leave you! But let me just give a big "shout out" to all of the veterans from all of the armed services in every nation who are "Reborners" – glad we have you on-board our Post-Apocalyptic adventure and hope you are having as much fun as us at STRATCOM! Hey Triple-H, what do you think about those Emitters?

(Triple-H) When the emitters came out we all jumped in so fast and were excited whilst not realizing the dangers that were lurking around. Some of the most powerful enemies in the Wasteland wiped out our entire Clans defenses with a single blow! Let’s just say that many of our Commanders were outraged that months of work and raising troops were lost in a single battle. A lot of them even retired because of it! We saved a few and told them not to be discouraged, all we needed was a well-executed plan. So a few stayed to try and seek revenge, and we tasted victory a few times. Luckily for us we have powerful allies who helped us out a lot. Emitters are great to wage massive Clan wars, but can be tricky to manage!

That damn @@Morgan_plarium is the issue there Commander – I think I will tweet her later and give her a piece of my mind! So tell us about your idea on what makes a good Commander for your Clan?

(Triple-H) A perfect warrior for our Clan is a warrior who is dedicated and communicates with all members of his Clan. He or she is selfless and patient, not scared of losing battles, and they have to possess a good attitude. They are a Commander who will help others and make critical decisions if necessary in a timely manner.

(T-Dawg) Sure you didn't work for Air Force recruiting when you were in? Well, it sounds like your in a great team with a great plan! I am getting envious, I've only got @@KRaz_plarium and those freaky advisors to hang out with! Hey, have you ever thought of creating your own Clan?

(Triple-H) After being a member of one of the best Clans the Wastelands have to offer; I decided to create US Air Force 2 and train a bunch of new recruits to be dedicated and mold and form them into some of the best Commanders out there! This way, when US Air Force (or A1) goes on special or epic missions I can have 99 battle ready Commanders ready to fight at a single command! I actually talk on the phone with a few and others through text messages and also through Facebook messenger (which we need in the game by the way!). We have a Global Communications Network setup to ensure that everyone gets the critical Intel immediately and as needed!

(T-Dawg) You guys are starting to scare me … sure you are not the NSA? Only joking! So tell us what you think are the best human qualities needed to make a person both a Leader on the battlefield and in everyday life?

(Triple-H) Someone really has to be dedicated to be a leader, they have to pay attention to details and make sacrifices for others, they have to be smart and think outside the box, sometimes within seconds of a problem or issue that has happened, they have to have a solution fast, they have to be fearless and protective of their team. And never send anyone to do something you would not do yourself.

(T-Dawg) Yes indeed … someone such as myself! Hahaha! I keep making myself laugh, I tell you Commander, I am one funny son of a gun! Hey! Where you going? A couple of more questions! So tell us what you do when you are not advancing to contact?

(Triple-H) Outside the battlefield I am a proud father of 4 boys: Jayce 7yrs, Joey 5yrs, Rylee 3yrs, and William 1 yr … and maybe one on the way! I am a journeyman electrician in a small town in Tennessee. Currently I am going to school to expand my knowledge and become a master Electrician. I want to do much more with my life but opportunities are slim. But I keep my head help high and proud in hopes one day I will be something much more.  In my spare time I like to build motors that require no power but use Magnetic Propulsion.

(T-Dawg) FOUR boys? Whoa! Now that is a real job! A big "Outstanding" and "Awesome" from General T to your sons! Tell them I think they are lucky to have such an inspiring Dad! I guess I better let you get back to your family then! Righto, last question for today! What advice would you offer new Commanders to the Wasteland?

I advise all Commanders to take their time in this endeavor:

  • Find a good Clan with dedicated members, and always bunker their offensive units when they are not active.
  • As soon as they get a Tech Module that they don't need, exchange it for one they need right away and research it as soon as possible to avoid getting a mod they cannot use.
  • Try to upgrade critical buildings such as the senate and research center, mines and vaults.
  • Be friendly and helpful on the Global Chat also.
  • Keep your Cyberdogs fed and your armored units well oiled!
  • Always recon an unfamiliar sector to avoid unwanted casualties.
  • If you ever experience technical problems contact support with your sector coordinates, date and time, and the issue you are having. They will be happy to assist.

Commander Nathan C. Hamblin signing out. End of transmission.

(T-Dawg) He stole my sign-off! Well I guess that is that … off he goes folks! A big Air Force thanks to Commander Hamblin – awesome guy and a good sport. I hope you all enjoyed his input, and we here at STRATCOM appreciated him taking time from his family and busy schedule! I'll see you all again soon with another broadcast from your one and only STRATCOM!

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