Meet Matthew Fontana: Our TD:Reborn MMO Master

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The Tornado is back in the COMCEN today with none other than our commander-in-arms, Matthew Fontana

TORNADO (T): Heads up, commanders! The Tornado is back in the COMCEN today with none other than our commander-in-arms, Matthew Fontana! We’ve got a couple of brewskis, the cyberdog fight on the big screen and our questions at the ready; life doesn’t get much better than this!

Commander Matthew Fontana (MF): Thanks, General Winters! I’ll be honest, I wasn't feeling too comfortable with the “thorough” frisking I got on the way in, but I guess a man in your position can't be too careful…

T: Damn straight! You won’t believe the type of [expletive deleted] some people try and pull! But let’s get to why we’re here, we should find out more about you. My reports tell me you’re always fairly active in the Wasteland – what do you do in your down time? Any extracurricular activities we should know about?

MF: Well… Nothing dangerous! Most of the time, if I don’t have any Wasteland business to “handle”, I’m working on my own personal website, where I’ll be making a host of mini-apps related to everything that interests me. Actually, one of them is an Advanced Player Guide for the game – see, even in my free time I’m doing things to help the other Commanders! The content is complete, so when it’s finished I’ll post it on the forums!

T: Interesting… My reports say that you have been doing some off the record Resource transactions… Well, we’ll let that slide. Anyway, it seems like you’re on top of things! Speaking of being on top of things – what do you feel are the most important qualities a perfect clan leader needs to have?

MF: When you’re in charge of a lot of different people, there are a lot of different personalities that you must deal with and try to keep focused on objective. You have to keep all these different personalities happy if you want to stand any chance of coming out on top of a battle in the Wasteland! If I had to pick one, though – I’d say the most important quality is patience. Patience is key in sorting out disagreements between your members, and it’s an important quality for deciding when to attack! A good leader will bide his time, waiting for his enemy to make a mistake before pouncing, taking advantage of them and crushing them to smithereens!

T: Smithereens you say! Ha! Ain't nothin’ better than the oily musk of crushed enemy units in the air in the morning! What do you do when people have disagreements within your ranks? Afraid of a mutiny?!

MF: First things first, there’s always two sides to every story; before making any decision, you need to hear everybody’s views on the matter. Diplomacy, Mr Winters – Diplomacy! After that, I meditate and try to come to an arrangement that both are happy with. It’s not such a difficult thing really!

T: Diplomacy, huh? Seems all a bit… Weak, to me. So, what do you do when “mediating” doesn’t work?

MF: Oh, well in that case… They step into the THUNDERDOME! We contact the other player, or his CL, to organise the two players to fight to the death! Winner takes all!

T: That’s more like it! That’s what we like to see, commander! You've gotta watch out for the girls though, I’m always hearing about how the girls are putting the guys to shame in the balls-to-the-wall, aggressiveness department! What about your experiences? True or false?

MF: Oh, definitely true. I think just saying they are a putting the guys to shame is a grievous understatement! Each and every woman I come across in the Wasteland is downright ruthless! They trick into a false sense of security and stalk you – then, they blindside you with the unstoppable fury only a woman can bring! If I could offer a bit of advice to all other commanders, it would be watch out; women are by far the scariest force on the battlefield – even Mad Max hides in the bunker when he spots one!

T: I see! I feel like I should get an opinion from the other side of the fence; maybe the next lucky soul to come and see the inner-workings of the COMCEN will be a female commander! So, on to the next one; how do you assign roles in your clan and how is it organised!

MF: Well I can’t give too much away, the best of our secrets are kept under lock and key. I’ll try to be as vague as possible… I assign our ranks by combat roles. Battle hardened, proven commanders are thrust into leadership roles – they are there to watch over our younger members and train them in intelligent fighting. As for organisation; we are divided into two groups – Offense and Defense – and each member will be relied on to produce enough units to cover ourselves in each battle.

T: Divided into groups, hmm? You’re actually teaching ME something, young ‘un! Do you discuss tactics with your higher-ranking clan members? What about outside the game, do you still talk to your clan members?

MF: Absolutely! Outside of the game, each one of our members is welcome to join our Facebook chat, where we talk about everything from Morgana strategies, why one of my members has decided to queue up one whole weeks worth of BCs and even sports! It’s a community after all, we just enjoy playing the same game!

T: Sounds like you’ve really got your house in order. Something that can only be commended, Commander! I think this cyberdog’s on its last legs, so this will be the last question I’m afraid before you have to leave and I get some much needed shut-eye! Anything you would like to see or change in future versions of the game? Have you any final words for other Wasteland commanders? Any advice?

MF: Honestly, I would love to see some action-packed battle cut scenes, or even live battles playing out in front of your eyes, so everyone can really experience the fights in an exciting new way. As for advice – I’ll talk to all the aspiring clan leaders out there. When you decide to make a new clan, first decide on what YOU want for your members; then, and only then, can you can make a plan of how you will get there and how you will realise your vision! T: Nice! All sound advice! So, let’s raise a toast to your ongoing success in the Wastelands and as a thanks for coming by – I’m sure you’ve enjoyed your insiders look around STRATCOM COMCEN. I'll see you in the new and improved Wastelands, commander! Tornado – Out!

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