Meet Mad Max - Our Total Domination: Reborn MMO Master

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DTG: 141650NOV13PAT (Post-Apocalyptic-Time)




Mad Max: The Master of TD:Reborn

Gen T. Winters (Gen.T): Welcome again to RADIO STRATCOM Wasteland Warriors! I’m General T. Winters and I am here with Commander DELETED ‘Mad Max’ from COMBINE?! Alright Commander, settle in and grab a cup of lubricating fluid to oil your battle nerves! So Pre-Apocalypse; what did ya do in Civilian life?

Commander Mad Max (MM): Thanks for the Big Wasteland Welcome General, Sir! Great to be on your new show and the first to be interviewed from Total Domination-Reborn™! Well before the Apocalypse I was in the banking game, now I am in the Dominating Game!

Gen T: So how did you get into this game Commander?

MM: Well while the Imperial Network was still up for a bit after the Apocalypse, I was searching for survivors on my old world iPad at the App Store, saw the battle plan, downloaded it and then I was hooked … so was created the legend of Mad Max!

Gen T: So what’s with this Mad Max name thing? You’re not Mel Gibson or Australian are you? Do you drive an Interceptor?

MM: Umm… No General … who is Mel Gibson anyway?

Gen T: …Never mind Max, back to you – what’s the deal with your Clan? How do you interact, communicate etc?

MM: We like to conduct our SATCOMs through Skype or Viber and then our conference calls we handle via Facebook – old school I know, but that is how we roll General! As for clandestine real time person to person general meetings, well some of my Clan brothers have hooked up for person to person interfaces, but I have not taken this opportunity at this time – maybe in the future!

Gen T: Ah yea I remember those old time person to person meetings … reminds me of the time I had to interview Keera Raz … or was she interviewing me? Anyway, not to worry, back to you Mr Mad Max! Let’s talk Strategy and Tactics! What’s your angle Commander?

MM: Well General T; when we were starting out our Clan was only 30-40 members but through the use of organized and aggressive planning and activation of our joint plans we were able to defeat quite a few other bigger Clans; so we have maintained the same attitude as we have got bigger over time.

Gen T: So apparently you’re a bit of a mystery Commander! Any chance we are going to see the real you in the Wastland! I know Keera Raz has requested you reveal your picture for the masses!

MM: Well due to security concerns General…Keera Raz wants my picture? Um, no! Well, all of my Clanmates and Alliance Commanders know me, but for the others in the Wasteland it will have to remain a mystery!

Gent T: So I intercepted some transmissions earlier, apparently you are famous for being a Terror in the Wasteland? What’s your response on that one Commander – seems you’re a bit of a Rock Star!

MM: I’m cool with that General, let it be so – but I don’t go around bragging about myself, I let my gaming do the talking in the Wasteland!

Gen T: Right then Rock Star! The radiation seems to be settling here in the studio STRATCOM, last question! What’s your tip for the masses out there?

MM: You need patience and realize that it is a long road. You need to communicate clearly and learn from your own and others mistakes. I guess the best piece of advice I can give is to stay involved, don’t give up and leave early, I believe it is very interesting now and will only become more interesting as time moves forward on TOTAL DOMINATION-REBORN™ … do I get Crystals for saying that???

Gen T: (face-palm and a slow shake of the head!) Well Commander Mad Max from________; I’ve enjoyed listening to your experience and wisdom here at STRATCOM over a cup of Java Mutagen! All the best in your future battles and I will see YOU in the Wasteland! And to all you Commanders out there receiving this transmission, remember: Play nice and enjoy yourself while you’re battling away in TOTAL DOMINATION™!


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