Interview with Lilian Fournier

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Keera Raz (K. R.): Welcome, Commander! Thank you for joining us today. So, what does it feel like to be the first Commander to reach level 100? You must be excited.
Lilian Fournier (L.F.): Hello, Keera! To me, there is no change at all. That was my goal on Total Domination from the very beginning.
KR: Ok then, let's go back to the beginning. How did you discover Total Domination?
LF: It happened by accident; I saw an advertisement for Plarium’s TD and decided to check it out.
KR: Oh, I see. I am glad you did. Lilian, you are a very experienced player and you know the game inside out. So what is the one thing about the game that you like most?
LF: Strategy, war and diplomacy – it’s all there, so it's really interesting.
KR: Indeed! I’m sure that our readers would love to get a quick peek into Commander Fournier’s game tactics, so could you tell us three things you do when you first log in the game?
LF: I read the Reports from the previous night, I click on my Clan Missions and I launch my Raids.
KR: Alright, thank you. Lilian! You're always in the Weekly Rankings for your work at Infestations and you're number one in the Hall of Fame. How did you adapt and improve your strategy with the new Infestations system?
LF: I didn't really change what I do at Infestations. I still play as I did when I first started TD!
KR: Interesting. What five rules do you think every Commander would be wise to remember when they go after Infestations?
LF: To me, those rules would be as follows:
(1) Gauge the Sites
(2) Estimate the amount of Offensive or Defensive troops
(3) Activate the Artifacts for the troops sent
(4) Calculate the number of troops to send
(5) Hit the non-mutated ones so you lose fewer troops!
KR: Now, let's talk about your interactions with other players. Many of our players have become  good friends from playing together in the Wasteland. Is it important for you to be surrounded by comrades or do you consider yourself a lone warrior?
LF: Being surrounded by companions, whom I found at SDC with Serge, means a lot to me. Playing alone though can make things easier too. So both work for me!
KR: We have now come to a question about your Clan. You recently joined the «syndicat du crime» and you're now Deputy. What does this mean to you? Does it represent a new direction in the way you play?
LF: A return to my roots, I guess. I was in the Syndicat du crime before. This French Clan is really solid. I know most of the warriors from SDC, so I have many friendships there. Being Deputy does not change me much since we make all of our decisions together!
KR: You just reached Level 100. What are your goals now? Should General Winters be expecting to see you reach Level 124 soon?
LF: Hahaha! If TD allows it, why not? But Level 100 is already quite good, isn't it?
KR: Of course it is! Thank you so much for this insightful conversation, Commander! Once again, please accept my warmest congratulations on your outstanding achievement! On behalf of the entire Wasteland, I wish you great victories and new accomplishments in the future!

Raid: Shadow Legends

Collect 400+ Champions & Fight For Glory

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