Total Domination - THE EMINENT Clan Leader Interview

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(T): Attention, Commanders! Welcome to your bi-monthly Commander intervi – [indistinguishable mumbling] What? Right you are! Welcome to your bi-annual – [indistinguishable mumbling] What – seriously? Okay, let's try this one last time… Commanders! Welcome to your semi-regular sporadically-broadcasted Commander Interview! This time, we've flown in one of the Wasteland's most requested Commanders – Commander Kira! Welcome to the STRATCOM COMCEN Commander; glad you've taken time out of your busy schedule to come chat with us. COMMANDER KIRA

(CK): Thanks, General T! I've gotta say, it's a lot bigger than I imagined it'd be – but it's definitely nice to be here! So, if you don't mind; let's get started with the interview!

T: That's my line! But it's good to see that you're focused on the task at hand! So, question number one – for those Commanders out there who don't follow the happenings of the Wasteland so closely, how about you tell everybody a little bit about yourself? What's your name, what do you do and why should everyone be scared of you?

CK: Sure thing! As you've said, my name is Kira – and I'm a young woman currently residing in Texas. Now, I know it's not exactly the most relevant field of study for a Commander in the Wasteland, but I'm currently studying Fine Arts at university. In my spare time, I like going to Cyberdog fights, drawing, driving and longboarding; but my passion is animatronic robots with special FX costuming… Oh, and muscle cars!

T: Animatronic robots eh? That's what we like to hear! In fact, I'll keep a note of this; maybe we'll need to consult you on future STRATCOM developments… So anyway, about your clan; which Clan are you a member of? And why did you decide to join them in the first place?

CK: Right now I am a member of The Eminent, which is the result of a large-scale merger between two low-level Clans. Actually, I am one of the two official creators of the Clan. Originally, it began as a dream of ours to create the top Invasion clan in all of the Wasteland, but we soon turned into a highly organized and morally just group, with our own laws and code of conduct. We came up with several rules and policies to create the best possible experience for each of our members, with communication at the heart of it all. As it turns out, it is definitely more of a family then I had ever expected. When everyone in a leadership position is mature and knows what they're doing, it means everyone in every position in the clan can enjoy the game more. Well, that's what I think, anyway!

T: Outstanding! But judging from a few of the battles your clan has been a part of, it's not all hugs and cuddles when it comes to dealing with The Eminent – you've been known to deal out your fair share of ass-whoopings in your time! Speaking of your time in the Wasteland; how long have you been here? And what exactly keeps you coming back for more? Don't tell me - it's the chance to speak to General T, isn't it?

CK: I don't want to let you down, and STRATCOM HQ is very nice, but to be honest, the chance to speak to you is not the reason I'm still playing… I've been playing Total Domination for almost a year now, and I think one of the main reasons I still play it today is because I have so much time already invested. At this point, myself and my fellow long-term teammates have decided that we might as well try and outlast some of the bigger players, so maybe one day we can be the best of the best. In terms of the game itself, it's great that this game isn't necessarily something that you have to constantly play to be able to keep on top of it. If you know what you're doing, you can basically keep track of your account just by logging in to the game once a day… On the other hand, if you are able to spend all day on the game, it never gets boring - and you can actually get a lot done. The awesome thing about this game is that you can grow at your own pace, which is a great thing to help some of the newer or more casual players. I still play because I want to be the best, but even when you take a huge hit and lose your entire army, the game makes it simple enough to build your army back up again and take another shot!

T: Interesting, but something tells me it's not exactly going to be easy to become the biggest and best clan in all of the Wasteland! So, Commander – tell us; have you always played on the official server, or have you tried playing on another? The Facebook server is pretty action-packed, I hear!

CK: I've heard that too, but the official server has enough action for me and my clan! Really though General, I've only ever played on the official server. Keeping control of so many troops is a full time job, and I just don't have the time to do it a second time around.

T: I hear that, Commander Kira; starting again is a lot of work – and it's not easy to leave so many of your troops behind! Loyalty and camaraderie is important in our line of work. Those days spent kicking back with your crew, drinking a few brewskis and frying up some good barbequed meat are some of the best a Commander can have! What about you? What have been your best experiences in the game so far?

CK: Honestly Tornado, I think it was back when I first started! I mean, I can't say I was too happy at the time, but I definitely enjoy looking back to when I was a noob and the game was simpler. Back when I had maybe 100k offense and defense and I thought I was the toughest of tough - then getting mad when a Level 50+ player would come to my deposit and destroy my entire 80k defense in a heartbeat... Like I said, at the time I can't imagine I was happy, but now – that sense of wonder is amazing. Now I have fun going and doing the exact same thing to lower level players! I mean, I know it sucks when you're that small, but they can consider it a learning experience! Also, back when we were just beginning The Eminent, I was so proud that I was THE top invader in the game. I remember fighting with this guy about our invasion rankings, with me being number one and him not far behind. Because we were very close to each other on the map, a rivalry started. Eventually, we ended up talking, and he invited me into a TeamSpeak server where I met all the people from his clan. That gave me a lot of awesome experiences; we spent so many long nights all joking around on there, talking about life, watching videos and just having fun.

T: Crushing noobs… I can't say I condone it, but I don't not condone it! Because of things like this, I think times in the Wasteland are getting more and more difficult. Now, only the toughest, smartest Commanders are able to survive, with everyone having to focus on tactics, strategy and finding an edge on their competitors… So, what's your secret? Have you got any tactics you'd like to share with us?

CK: Nice try, General T! I'm not on here to give up all my secrets, but I don't mind sharing a few! My first rule is always to protect your army, so I have a few tactics to help me achieve this. Firstly, make sure you Bunker your troops when you're not at home (especially your offense), and recall them as soon as possible when it comes to Deposit, Emitter, or Invasion strikes. Next, especially when you're a new player, it's always best to spend all of your Resources that can't be protected by your Bunker when you log off. This means that if someone raids you, they aren't able to take too many of your hard-earned Resources away from you. To protect yourself from raids, it's best to always leave a few Recon Drones out in your Sector. This is because when people are looking for a target to raid, they'll usually only send between 1 and 10 drones on scouting missions – and if they know that you can defend them easily, they'll usually move on and look for an easier target. Of course, this doesn't deter some people - especially if they have a specific problem with you - so the safest bet is to leave only your drones out, bunker all other units, spend as many of your resources as you can and just let the attack hit you. If they hit you and they don't receive enough resources or XP, they'll likely not hit you in future, as it simply won't be worth it for them. My final tip is to get a Clan and make alliances! Alliances offer protection, assistance and control – something all good Commanders should be using to their advantage. Honestly, I think gaining Allies and joining a Clan is crucial for success in the Wasteland. It ain't easy trying to go it alone!

T: Excellent advice from an experienced Commander! When you put it like that, you make it sound easy! I assume there's more to it than that though; can you tell us a little bit more about how your clan has achieved some of its success?

CK: As flattering as that is, I wouldn't say our clan has been extremely successful yet. We've been together as The Eminent for more than a year, and we've been involved in our fair share of conflicts, but I still believe that we're constantly focused on growing. For me at least, my Sector is pretty much complete, which means I've been able to focus more improving my technologies and army. Like my Clan itself, I'm continuously growing. As for the small successes we have experienced, I'd like to attribute that to our Clan's organization, teamwork and of course, the members. Specifically, I think our Clan Leader deserves some praise – she's an amazing leader - cool, level-headed, logical, but with just the right amount of bite to back up her words. It's only because of her that we’ve even been doing this well in the first place. I still say that she is the only leader who I will ever truly follow in this game. The organization of our Clan, the distribution of tasks, and the performance of the team members delegated to those separate tasks has really helped bring us closer to the top – and she's the one responsible for that. We have created very specific goals and rules, like for when we prepare to take and hold an Emitter or when we prepare to upgrade an Emitter. Together, our ideas are focused on how we can get to the top without drawing too much attention from any of the huge, powerhouse Clans. One of the biggest positive aspects inside The Eminent is our general peace-keeping; between the DCL of Foreign Affairs and the DCL of Internal Affairs, we've been able to keep many of our original members happy and working hard as a team. Having a level-headed attitude has certainly helped when it comes to deescalating situations and diplomatically solving problems!

T: Impressive! Sounds like this CL of yours has got just about every angle covered! Considering how long it took to get all our microphones, radios and transmitters set up today for this interview, it sounds like we could do with some of her organizational skills around here! Now, and be honest here, if you were to name a few things you'd like to change about the current game, and three things you'd like to see added to the game in the future, what would they be?

CK: I think I've already got a few changes in the game! I think the developers behind TD do a great job in listening to the community – and since I've been playing, I've already seen major changes in the game. I think that the basic game mechanics are great the way they are now; we don't need any live action or battle videos for this type of game, so there are no real changes I'd like to see in that regard. However, I would like it to be easier to earn Crystals – I understand why it is the way it is, and I do buy some myself occasionally when they're on sale, but I feel that they give too much strength to the players who constantly buy them. A couple of other things that I'd like to see fixed or changed are the following: 1. I hope they'll fix the mail system sometime soon – sometimes I don’t receive mail at all, others I simply have to refresh, and some just randomly delete themselves from my inbox. 2. I would love if you could copy and paste a message from the in-game private messages, or a way to directly forward messages onto other players. 3. I would love a more in-depth clan ranking system, whereby you could create your own ranks and names, and assign individual permissions to each rank. This way you could control which of your members sees what, and have total control over your Clan. As for future features and wishes, here they are General T.: 1. The ability to purchase a Clash of Clans style shield, whereby nobody is able to attack you, and you are unable to attack anyone else, for a set period of time. Of course, this would come with an extremely high price. 2. The ability to move or relocate your Sector. Of course, it should be expensive, difficult, and come with a long cool-down to prevent abuse, but it would be much more fun if all of your Clan members could be in the same region! 3. This one's a bit crazy, but here goes; a whole new Resource that could be used to train Morgana's units! A whole new batch of units and a research tree sounds awesome to me!

T: Dreaming big; I like it! I'll put in the request, but I can't make any promises… STRATCOM might not exist if we could simply work with Morgana! For your final question, before we turn out the lights and hit the hay for the night; have you got any advice for new players?

CK: The most important piece of advice for any new player is to not get discouraged; just play smart, lay low and keep building. If you work hard, you'll soon be able to crush almost any opposition. I think the second piece of advice for new players is to focus on your Sector before trying to build your army. Your Sector is the key to everything, and if you don't build a good foundation for your army to subsist on, it'll come back to haunt you! And that's all I've got for you, General T! Hope you've enjoyed having me; I know I've enjoyed being here!

T: Hard work, dedication and smarts – not a bad way to run your Sector! And that's all we have for you folks. We've loved you being here Kira – thanks for your time; we know you Commanders have busy schedules! Commanders, save this frequency. Be sure to tune in next time for more of Tornado's Talks!


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