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(T): Alright Commanders, put down those rifles and lock down this frequency – it's time for another round of Tornado's Talks! This time it ain't no ordinary interview; today we've got none other than the famous, aptly-named, Commander Killer! I know; things are getting heated out there at the moment, so we'll jump straight to it. Commander! Introduce yourself; tell some of these ignoramuses who you are and what you do! And while you're at it, tell us about THS – that is your clan, isn't it? THS KILLER

(TK): Yes sir! Before I start, I'd like to thank you for having me! It's a big deal to be able to broadcast my thoughts to all the Commanders throughout the Wastes, and it's been a hard road to get here. I'd like to thank my family, my friends, my supportive Clanma-

T: Ahem. No time for pleasantries Commander, most of us have mutants to crush and resources to get our hands on!

TK: Apologies, General Winters. Back to the questions: I think most Commanders reading this will know me by my in-game name, THS KILLER. Despite my slightly threatening name and in-game persona, I like to think of myself as a fun, outgoing person. Honestly, I love a good laugh, and the thing I enjoy most in life or in the game is to make the people around me laugh too. As I hope my clanmates can attest to, I try to be as much fun to be around as possible! As for THS - that's my Clan. I formed the clan about 8 months ago, after my previous Clan, Preatorians, was completely destroyed by Fear, one of our toughest rivals. After Preatorians was taken down, I decided to go in another direction and form THS for different reasons. This time, I simply wanted to enjoy the game and have as much fun as possible. As I found out, when you're having fun and not stressing about everything too much, good things happen! After only 8 months in existence, we're the #2 Clan in all of the Wasteland – and if things keep progressing as they are, soon to be number 1!

T: Outstanding! Mighty impressive performance for a Clan that's only been around for 8 months! So, these 8 months aside, how long have you been playing the game? And what keeps you coming back for more? Aside from the chance for a lifetime supply of Mutagen, of course. In fact, let's go a little bit further - have you always played on the official server, or have you played on Facebook or one of the other networks? Answer as truthfully as possible, Commander; this is important!

TK: I'm always honest, General T! What does a Commander have if he doesn't have his word? So, to answer your questions; I've been playing the game for just over a year now, in total. I keep coming back for a lot of reasons, I love this game! Firstly, I love the game for its politics. There are not many other games out there where politics and your strength in negotiating can have such an influence; it's amazing the difference it can make when you just know how to talk to people. Take, for example, mergers. You can be down and out one minute, struggling to keep your head above water, when a few kind words here and there between Clan leaders can lead to a merger between Clans. If you play your cards right, it can make your Clan much, much stronger than it would otherwise have been. As for the second part of your question; I tried the Facebook server once or twice, but didn't stick around. Because everyone seemed so far ahead of me, I thought it'd be almost impossible to catch up to them – so I just came back home!

T: Interesting! Considering you're known throughout the Wastes as KILLER, I didn't think diplomacy would be the thing you enjoy most about TD… So, "Commander Politics", what have been your best experiences so far while playing Total Domination? Crushing mutants, crushing rival Clans, crushing a few cold beers? Let's hear what you've got!

TK: This one's easy, Commander! It all goes back to when Fear, a rival clan, caused the dissolution of my old clan, the Preatorians. It was painful; they destroyed us and took over almost every one of our Emitters. When I formed THS, we weren't strong enough to retake them, so we just let Fear keep hold of them. Long story short; Fear disbanded earlier this year. As soon as we heard, my clanmates and I immediately set out and recovered almost every one of the Emitters my previous Clan had held. It was my best experience for two reasons: firstly, it felt amazing to reclaim my old Emitters, and secondly because it put us in a place where we could choose which direction we wanted to go in – and we chose to aim for the top, and become the best Clan in all of the Wasteland!

T: You make it sound easy, Commander! I figure a little patience and a nice slice of luck go a long way out here; it can really make the difference between a clan sinking or swimming! But… It can't be all luck, can it? You must have a few tactics you can share with us, Commander! Tell us: how has your clan achieved such success in such a short period of time?

TK: We like to keep it simple and fly underneath the radar – well, as far as a Clan our size can fly beneath the radar, anyway! As a Clan leader, my strategy has been to continuously grow the Clan, both in the strength of our members, its size, and the strength of its Alliances. While other Clans are going around all-guns-blazing, bullying the smaller Clans and making enemies just about everywhere they look, we've been quietly making alliances and getting stronger. As for how we've achieved such good results - teamwork! Every day, we need to fight for each other and back each other up as much as possible, even if it means losing a lot of Units. If we've helped out our clanmate, it's worth it!

T: Can't disagree with that, Commander! Some people don't realize the value of a strong Alliance out here – it's almost impossible to do survive if you insist on doing everything lone-wolf style. What advice do you have for any Commanders out there that are just starting out?

TK: Okay, this is easy for me, and this is advice that I still live by today. Number one: always Bunker your units! Every one of them should be bunkered when not out on a mission! Number two: always keep your Resource stores low. If there's nothing to steal from you, people won't try! Numbers three and four: don't poke the bear, and don't pick a fight you can't win. These are pretty self-explanatory, but if you don't know when to back down and when to stand up and fight, you'll find yourself on the worse end of a beating more often than you'd care to think!

T: Simple, but effective; my kind of advice! So, Commander KILLER; thanks for coming by and taking the time out of your day to speak to us. Speaking on behalf of all the Commanders out there, it's much appreciated. Commanders! Till next time, Tornado – OUT!

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