Last tips before you go make mincemeat out of Morgana’s Mutants- Part 3

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by Steven Van Scoter

Well, Commander, in order to ensure that you maximize your rewards, I will give you a few tips that follow when I do Infesting.

Be patient and know your limits. Chasing after that next normal payout can be a rush. Thinking you’ll hit paydirt “with just one more infest” can be devastating if you’ve miscalculated. Keep track of your bank so that you will have a good idea when your next payout is coming. Keep some troops back so that you can still raid should you fail.

Recon the infest if you want to minimize your losses. Recon an infest? How? It’s easy. Sent in a test hit. This can be accomplished by sending in as few as 10 units. It will fail, but it will provide a wealth of information. The amounts of units you killed will let you know what the makeup of the infest is. Note it. If the highest amount killed have the highest defense against infantry, keep most of your troopers/valkyries/nemesis at home.

Keep track of your bank! Keeping track of your bank is the only way you are going to know where it’s at. If you never had, then just keep going until you get a normal payout. From there, you can consider your bank empty and can start from zero.

Upgrade your Technology. As you climb up the infest ladder, the number of units you will receive will increase. Having your Technologies upgraded gives you more bang for your buck and makes “doing the run” a lot easier.     

That should get you started onto the path of using Infestations to build your army. I hope that the article has given you some insight into how the updated infesting system works. By knowing how it works, you can now use that to your advantage.

I would like to reiterate that my observations are based on the data I have personally collected while doing my level 100 run, which got me 5000 Battlecruisers and 1000 interceptors. I have included the links to the data, along with a blank copy of the spreadsheet I use. Also included is a user guide on how to use the spreadsheet. To conclude, remember to have fun doing it! Now, get out there Commander and show Morgana who is boss!


My collected data

Infest spreadsheet template

User Guide for spreadsheet

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