Some general do’s and don'ts in Total Domination

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By Steven Van Scoter, Clan N3M3SIS

I’ll start with the Don’ts, since they are more important in my opinion.


1. Bite off more than you can chew

Don’t go picking a fight with someone who is 30 levels above you if you can’t handle it. Yes, your clan always has your back…but there’s no point sticking your feet in a badger den and then complaining that you got a couple of toes bitten off.

2. Get upset over someone raiding one of your farms

I see this a lot. People have the misconception that if they invade a sector a lot, others will leave it alone. Not the case. Some people actually use that as sign that it’s a nice farm and have no problem raiding it. Gaining resources from a colony is nice, but it pales in comparison to raiding. If you have a nice sector that you want to try and keep secret, try sending some drones as reinforcements instead of invading it. This way you can monitor it, and other might leave it alone if they can’t recon it. Or move on…there are lots of sectors out there.

3. Attack Morgana if you don’t want to lose troops

Morgana is a troop “sink”. Like a heat sink is used to draw heat away from something, Morgana is designed to draw troops away from you, in hopes that you will spend crystals to get them back. Oh sure, she will give you back some troops, but don’t sacrifice troops that you can’t afford.

4. Waste resources on Tech upgrades you won’t use.

There are some technologies that you just won’t use. Me personally don’t use the S.C.A.R. troops, too expensive to maintain and too type specific. Same with siege tanks. Don’t upgrade them if you find yourself not using them. Save the resources for other things.

5. Blind raid because someone reconned you.

It’s gonna happen. This is, after all, a war game. Don’t click on their sector, select raid and send everything at them. Recon them, send them a message asking what’s up, etc. But don’t go off half cocked. Nothing like losing all your troops to a blind raid and not having anything to raid with. It’s a long road rebuilding.


1. Upgrade essential technologies.

Me personally, until a got fighters, used Light Tanks and Valks as my primary offensive troops. I did my best to get them upgraded to level 20 quickly. It pays out in the long run.

2. Be aggressive, but smart.

Done your research and want to see what’s there but your 20 drones got repulsed? Well, you could send more and hope you overcome their drones, or you do an invasion recon. In the military, it would be called recon by fire. Send in 50 valks as an invasion (don’t want to waste a raid now) and see what happens. See what gets killed. If all your valks kill is a gladiator, then that tells you there is a strong defense. Walk away. On the other hand, if you take out 10 drones and a bunch of infantry, send in the fleet! (Click for more MMO agaressive play tips)

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