A Look Back with the GIGN Clan

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Commanders, please welcome the GIGN Clan! First, a few facts about these Clan Members. They recently received a fourth Custom Clan Logo on the Geotopia server on Facebook. This is an outstanding achievement and the Wasteland is proud of you!
I think this is a good opportunity for us to take a look back at how GIGN came into being so let’s get started!

1. Tell us a bit about yourselves. How did you find out about Total Domination?

I opened my account in 2011 when I clicked, by mistake, on the Total Domination logo. But I really discovered the game in February 2013. At that time, a game I was playing closed so I started looking for another game to compensate. One of my friends was playing TD. That’s how I started playing Total Domination.

2. What is it about the game that you like most? What makes you come back again and again?

What I like the most is not necessarily just playing, but mostly getting to manage my Clan, the GIGN. I like to prepare our plans, to set Clan goals, and to maximize the use of our troops and the new gadgets Plarium is providing.

3. How did you create your Clan? What is the story?

GIGN was created after the sudden dissolution of our previous Clan. We created, with Laurent Bourbotte and around 30 other players, the GIGN “to spend the night out of raiders’ way”. Then, after discussing it, we thought “Why not give it a go?”

4. What about the members of your Clan? What things do you have in common other than your love of fighting for the Wasteland?

We’re all gamers. We like to exchange stories and have a laugh about diverse things. We are also challengers, and need something pushing us to always go forward and further in the game.

5. What kind of difficulties/conflicts has your Clan encountered? I mean the ones that make your blood boil! How did you handle them?

The first difficulties appeared when we created the Clan. The GIGN was created hastily after our former Clan got disbanded. Afterwards, we had to make ourselves known so as to recruit good players, or promising ones. These players easily could have just gone to one of the bigger teams. To have them join us, we had to propose that we would work together to become a major Clan!

The last serious challenge we had to deal with was failure. At the time, we’d been attacked by a Clan that was way bigger than ours. They defeated us by destroying one of our Emitters. We bounced back by setting up a new goal and washing off the residue of that failure.

6. Was there a certain moment when you realized that GIGN was a real team?

Yes, there is a simple and undeniable indicator that made us take notice - the number of players that stay and also the activity level. A true team is one that stays solid, steady, and active daily.

7. Do you socialize with your Clan members in real life? Are you planning to meet one day?

Yes, of course. I often talk to some of my players by message or on the phone and we also set up a meeting with a few of them in 2015.

8. Now, if you were developers, what Clan related feature would you introduce to Total Domination?

  • The option to get, as a Leader, an imagery of the total power, in millions, of each Emitter. The calculus is possible by hand but it takes a really long time. We could also add the detail of each player and each Emitter.
  • The ability to limit, between 0 and 30K, the amount of Mutagen that members can take each day from the Emitters.
  • Being able to receive an alert when a member takes his defense back from an Emitter.
  • The option to have a Vice Leader of the Clan (Vice Clan Leader/VCL)

9. And last but not least, describe your Clan in 5 words: GIGN is …

  1. Excellence
  2. Precision
  3. Fair play
  4. Solidarity
  5. Versatility

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, Commanders! Good luck in all your future endeavors!

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