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Commander, the key to increasing your strength in Total Domination: Reborn is discipline. Keeping a strict, precise, and thorough list of your Daily Duties is essential to having a better, stronger army than your competitors. I will run you through my personal Daily Duties list and add some notes along the way. 

Check your messages

First of all, I always like to check my messages, both in and out of the game (many Clans like mine use Facebook Messenger to communicate in addition to the in-game chats). This way, if someone needs me for something, I can reply back as soon as possible or take any necessary action. Once that is done, I collect the Resources from my Titanium and Uranium Mines. I also take any containers that have been left around my Sector by the Cyber-Monkey test subjects. Nobody knows why or how they do this, but they nevertheless appear in Sectors periodically and we’re all grateful for that.

Keep an eye on your troops

I also check everyday that none of my troops were left outside my Bunker overnight unless they were supposed to be (Offensive troops should stay in your Bunker AT ALL TIMES unless being used. Defensive troops should be allocated according to your own discretion). I then check the Cyber Lab to make sure I have the maximum number of Cyborgs possible and, if I don't, I mutate more. Every 4 days I raid either my Set A or Set B farms. (In case you didn't already know, farms are high Resource Sectors that have been abandoned by their Commanders). I alternate between sets each time. You should always leave 8 days between collection periods so that the Sectors have had time to fully replenish their Resources. I also check the Global Events tab each day and, if I am interested in the Event, I complete the corresponding actions required to receive the Rewards for that Event. You should know that you don't have to compete in every Event and you shouldn’t compete in an Event that is not to your liking. 

Be on top of everything

I then check the Clan Help Boards and send whatever I can to my fellow Clan Members, whether that is Resources, Modules, or Defensive troops. After checking the Help Board I look into the Mercenary Operations tab. Mercenary Operations are great because they are free and provide you with Resources and Experience Points. This helps you Level Up and build your army, and is crucial during Experience Global Events. 

I then waltz over to the Bioreactor and select the appropriate production time slot indicating how much time will elapse between visits. I have completed all of my sub Level 20 Building upgrades but if I hadn't I would go to the Building I had previously planned on upgrading and start its construction. Since I still have the post Level 20 upgrades, I occasionally upgrade these. However, I wouldn’t upgrade these as frequently as I would if they were below Level 20.

I have not been so lucky in getting Xeno Modules for my Tech Tree (Modules that you can only find by clearing Infestations) so I still have some upgrades to complete in this section. As a result, I take the time to do this. Afterwards, I start training the troops that I’d like to have more of. Some Commanders fancy the idea of steamrolling Infestations, which is where you defeat several Infestations at a time. I prefer a more relaxed and cautious route when I fight Morgana and as a result I fight Infestations about once every 1 to 2 weeks and often only up to 4 or 5 at a time. When I do fight Morgana, it’s the last thing I do before moving onto my second Sector. Once I arrive at my second Sector, I repeat all of these steps.

Be strict, precise, and thorough

As I said Commander, you have to be strict, precise, and thorough when going through your Daily Duties. Remember to visit your Sector every day, otherwise you will not get the Daily Bonuses that are provided to you by Strategic Command. I haven't missed a single day in over a year, and I don't plan on missing one anytime in the future.

This is Commander Za Ve and this concludes my Broadcast. Over and out, Commander!

This article was written by player Za Ve, who granted permission for it to be posted on Plarium.com. Any thoughts or views expressed herein are the player's own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Plarium Global.

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