Total Domination - Radio Free STRATCOM with Chris Larson

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Transmission: 1001 – 13TD

DTG: 081400NOV25PAT – Post-Apocalyptic Time

Send: General T. Winters

Interview - Chris Larson P.1 

Receive: Commander Chris Larson

General T. Winters: We’ve got a lot to plough through today – so let’s get to it! Welcome to RADIO STRATCOM warriors of the Wasteland. You all know me as General T. Winters and I’m here today with Commander Chris LARSON from THE REGULATORS. This is going to be one helluva session so I suggest you settle in and calm your battle nerves. Commander, in the pre-Apocalypse period, what did you do for a living?

Commander Chris Larson: Some call me The Extractor; but I’m a dentist by trade! Nowadays I am involved in technology sales. I don’t take no for an answer (well I don’t like to) and I’m what you’d call determined and persistent. I like to win; it’s precisely what drives me in everything that I do. I always aim high to achieve my level best.

General T. Winters: That’s quite something! I’m really curious: how’d you come to end up in my neck of the woods? How did you find Total Domination?

Commander Chris Larson: It’s kind of interesting what happened. I was playing another online game that was in the process of being cancelled by the developers. In that game, I was known for being dominant. One of my fellow players provided me with a link to try this game Total Domination™. So you could say that I trusted the judgment of fellow players and came on over here.

General T. Winters: What’s your Center of Gravity (COG)? Why do you play this game? What keeps you engaged? Is it Keera Raz? Perhaps it’s those Cyber Dawgs? Or better yet – Funky Valkyrie!

Commander Chris Larson: It’s all about the friends I’ve made in the game. That’s what keeps me here. At one point I was keen to pass General Winters on levels, but you put paid to that notion when you allocated him more levels. I love it!

General T. Winters: Here’s something I’d like to discuss with you: your patrol schedule. What’s it like? I’ll bet you’re exceptionally disciplined about your patrols. That’s the type of Commander I like to see out in the field!

Commander Chris Larson: The time I spend in the game varies from a couple of hours per day to as much as 12 hours per day. In fact, that’s precisely how much time I allocated to Total Domination™ when I first started. I would set my alarm clocks for tech upgrades, mines, warehouses, vaults, nodes and so forth. I’m what you’d call a compulsive type and I enjoy completing tasks and projects. When the game released new sets of tasks, I would work exceptionally hard to complete them ASAP. Nowadays I keep my game time limited to around 4 hours per day. I started back in 2011 on September 29th. And I’ve yet to miss a single day of play. I honestly believe that there are no vacations for truly committed players – or perhaps those who should be committed to the loony bin!

General T. Winters: I’m feeling guilty already! Ha, not quite - but I applaud you Commander. That is some serious combat experience you’ve notched up under your belt. I recommend taking another gulp of Uranium from your Titanium mug – that’ll boost ya right up!

General T. Winters: Hooyah Commander! I’d like to get some feedback from you on the Clans… where did you start and where you at now?

Commander Chris Larson: The very first Clan I joined was Special Forces. But there were mounting fears from the Clan leadership that I was planning an insurrection. I was subsequently asked to leave. I did so peacefully. I remembered from my 3-year tenure as leader of the #1 Clan that leadership was NOT what I wanted. From that point, I went over to TNT for a period of 3 days. I was basically just starting out in that Clan and there was strong disagreement among members about tactics. The end result: the Clan split apart. Next up, I went with my friends to The Syndicate. I really enjoyed my game time at The Syndicate. The real turning point came when Regulators accepted my application to join them. Truthfully, I had many misgivings about their current leadership. I had managed to join a Clan that I felt a strong affinity towards and I’ve remained there ever since. Now for a little Regulator History for you – they would not have me and actually denied my entry to their Clan – TWICE! It was the arm-twisting done by Phillip Parenti that convinced them that I would be a great Clan member. If I take a moment to reflect on my short period as Clan Leader for the Regulators – it was a job I never even wanted. But when duty called, I answered.  At the time, Phil was experiencing real-life problems and someone needed to step up and take the reins. I did this because I was supremely qualified to do this job. No vote was needed; I assumed the role – no questions asked. Make no mistake; the Clan members were glad that it was me. There are still people who think of me as the Clan Leader, but now we have Officers who are tasked with selecting the new Clan Leader and we’re all 100% confident in his leadership. He is making tremendous progress with the Clan.

General T. Winters: It’s pretty obvious that the reason I have the respect of players is my friendly disposition and my disarmingly handsome looks. What I’d like to know is: what is your claim to fame Commander?

Commander Chris Larson: That’s a great question too. I’m still in the process of teaching a few fellow members in my Clan all about that. You can be ruthless in the game; you can maul your opponents like a savage beast – you can fight to the death and rain down fire and brimstone on your opponents, but humility must run through it all. Nobody likes a braggart, nobody. My game persona understands this all too well as I have years of experience in the field. I may well be feared and loathed as a player, and detested as an opponent. But know this: I never attack first. I never post any damage that I have caused – I let that remain between warring Clans. I have tremendous respect for Clans that don’t air their dirty laundry in public. My intent is to play the game hard. I don’t want my opponents to believe that I sympathize with their losses. If it so happens that an opponent posts a subjective account of one of my hits, I’ll soon let the gaming community know precisely what happened. I don’t like embellished accounts of what happened: I like the cold facts. I believe it is this and the levity that I bring to the game is what has earned me the respect and admiration of players - both enemy combatants and friends.

General T. Winters: Commander, what are your favorite 3 updates? Let us in on it!

Commander Chris Larson: That’s an easy one! Clans are #1 on my list. It created a team approach to dealing with the struggles in the game. Synergy – that’s what it’s all about. You also have to consider Emitters too – they give Clans something to fight for, and to fight against. Moving it along, I would have to say that #2 – Infestations. If you can create a SUPER ARMY in double-quick time, you’ve got way more attacking power. That’s what it’s all about. Build times are OK, but multiple buildings only take up space. You should be able to construct units in each building. For example: if I have an AIR FIELD as well as an ADMIRALITY then I will have BCs and FIGHTERS building simultaneously. I may also decide to have BCs and INTERCEPTORS building at the same time. I think this is something that needs to be added to the game to add some excitement to the attacking and defending capabilities. #3 – this is an easy one à Build Units. The time reduction in building units was an absolute prerequisite. You recall that BCs ostensibly took over 6 hours to construct and now you can do it in half the time. This is thanks to Node placement. I am a firm believer in shortening these construction times to benefit players and the game. Had enough?

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