Meet Branden Haney: One of TD:Reborn’s Top Players!

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Branden Haney Interview

TORNADO (T): Alright gamer, Tornado Winters is in the COMCEN and kicking back with his brother in arms of the Wasteland, Commander Branden Haney! Welcome to the STRATCOM COMCEN Commander; glad to see you took up my offer to get some R&R and come on over!

Commander Branden Haney (BH): Well thanks, Tornado – nice pad you have here, I see you have got plenty of Mutagen and a ready supply of Uranium Cells! Not sure about Old Fluffy though, seems a little hyperactive!

T: Yep, damn cyberdog drives me ‘Kera-Raaaaazy’, but watcha gonna do, huh? Anyway, tell me – how are you finding the new server? Found your way over to the new Wasteland OK, how’s your Clan holding up?

BH: Well it is a bit of a double edged sword to be honest Tornado. It put us all on the same level playing field, which I have enjoyed and I guess the only downside was the fact that it made ‘Clan Fearless’ suffer a little with the Crossfire Server. All in all though, I think it is a good thing and allows players to start over to a certain degree; so that we actually end up with more experienced and pro-active Wasteland gamers.

T: Well that’s interesting, mighty interesting indeed – for me I am enjoying all this new space to explore and stretch my legs in … How are you finding the new version of TD: Reborn on iOS, anything you would modify presently?

BH: For the most part I have been content and enjoying my time. Sometimes I think it would be cool to have a mobile platform with no Clans … or randomised ‘Mini-Clans’ that change weekly – now that would keep people on their toes, and also force more active and communicative Commanders! Another thing I would like to see is a purpose for the Invades and also to prevent invaded players from being able to raid or invade whilst being invaded. Another would be to for the invader to have the capability to steal and collect a percentage of resources, much the same way as Deposits. I also think it would be nice to clean up the Wasteland somewhat and remove inactive accounts of Level 1-3 sectors that take up space.

T: Hey-Ho Commander – there is a lot for us all to think about and discuss in the Forum and on Twitter with that one! Hell, you Commanders out there reading this can tweet @@KRAZ_plarium about what you think!  So how about as the ranking No.1 Clan Commander you give us all a little advice for those raw recruits out there!

BH: Well I would advise everyone to do their homework and conduct reconnaissance. You need to know who you are up against otherwise it may come back to haunt you. In regards to Clans, Teamwork is the key and also in line with this, the Wastland is a big place, so add Commanders from all different time-zones so you have a good spread of 24/7 coverage. This also ensures you will assistance when you need it most. The wasteland is now mobile and global, so why shouldn’t your Clan be the same!

T: Good advice Commander! So last question for you, as I have to take Fluffy for a walk and get some back-briefs from STRATCOM – What’s your favorite part of being in a Clan?

BH: It's hard to say. It's a mix of helping my members learn to play and watching them crush their opponents one after another, or it would be the feeling we get when we all come together as a team and destroy our attackers in a glorious ambush!

T: …Glorious Ambush … Nice! I like the sound of that! OK, then, well here’s to your ongoing success Commander Haney and thanks for dropping in to the STRATCOM COMCEN – I’ll see you and everyone else out there back in the New Wastland – Total Domination-REBORN!

Tornado – out!  


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