Released Transmission for Wasteland Commanders with Alex Hewitt!



Tornado (T): We’re broadcasting direct from COMCEN today. Commanders, today we’re fortunate to have the honor of one of the Wasteland’s favorite sons – Commander Alex Hewitt. We’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you to STRATCOM COMCEN Commander Hewitt. We are especially honored that you’ve taken time out of your busy schedule to come and meet with us.

Commander Alex Hewitt (AH): It’s fantastic to be here General! I’ve been waiting to see command central for a long time. This is truly a privilege.

T: Commander, we are well pleased. All of our forces here in the Wasteland have been waiting to hear what you’ve got to say – some of them have even been dying to hear what you’ve got to say, literally. But let’s begin by sharing how you got to find out about Total Domination?

Were you introduced to it or did you simply saunter into the Wasteland on your own?

AH: To be honest General, it is basically pure luck that brought me to the Wasteland. I consider it the necessity of survival and the necessity of war. One day I awakened and everything about my current reality was forever different. I knew there was no going back. It was like Darwin – adapt and survive in the New World or be killed.

This is truly what I consider survival of the fittest in its rawest form. It’s strange; sometimes I envision that I actually found Total Domination. But then I dismiss the thoughts just as quickly – that is something from my past.

T: Commander, that wasn’t quite the answer that I expected from you. But let’s move it along shall we? The comments are flooding in and many folks are claiming that they’ve had the same experience – perhaps there is more to these dreams than meets the eye. Right! Let’s move onto the next question, shall we?

What do you prefer when you plan out battle instructions: to take advice from other Commanders, or do you manage your own tactical decisions?

AH: General, I have learned that all good Commanders are aware that no man is an island. I regularly defer to the thoughts and experience of people in the Clan. This is important if you’re looking to make the best decisions.

Fortunately, in my Clan – the Imperators Legion – I have the support of tactically brilliant Commanders. I work very closely with these military strategists all the time.

T: That’s very interesting Commander! From what I’ve come to learn from the aftermath of the wars in the Wasteland, there are several clans out there who could learn a thing or two from the Imperators Legion.

On the topic of other Clans; have you ever been part of another Clan before? If affirmative, could you describe it for us?

AH: Indeed I have General! Before I was invited to join the Imperators Legion – Kelly Lane invited me by the way – I was part of several different Clans. I was looking for the one that fit my ideals perfectly.

Most all of them provided me with interesting experiences but none of them provided me with the fit that I have managed to find with my own Clan.

T: Yes Commander, I can certainly relate to that. Maybe some other time I’ll relay a few stories to you about some of the organizations that I had joined prior to getting my break with STRATCOM. Trust me: you won’t believe some of the stuff I’ve seen… but that’s for another day. Today, everyone is eagerly listening to what you have to say.

Here is a question for you: do you run basic training for any of your new recruits coming into the Imperators Legion?

AH: As you know, I am the Chief Recruitment Officer for the Imperator Legion. As such, I would be doing a great disservice to my Clan if I didn’t have any prerequisites that needed to be met. Consider that all of our new recruits are required to actively engage with one another in our Facebook group chats. But more importantly, they are required to maintain the minimum number of Clan troops, as dictated by the rules of our Clan.

Once these conditions have been met and the requirements fulfilled, all new recruits are sent to my Deputy Clan Leader – Andres. Once they are under his guardianship, they will receive in-depth orientation and explanations as to the inner workings of the Clan. All new recruits have access to Sector Commanders and these officers will field Q&A sessions with new recruits. Viewed in perspective, I believe we are running a tight ship here.

T: You sure know how to delegate effectively Commander. From what you’ve shared with us, it appears as if these folks certainly have a great deal of respect for you. Would you agree? And how do you think fellow Commanders can make this happen?

AH: General, I would tend to agree with you. I think that respect is a two-way partnership. I respect them and they respect me in return. Don’t forget that I was responsible for recruiting most of these people into the Clan. This has helped me to get to know them as people first, before they learned to be fellow military officers.

It is especially important for me to make myself available to the Clan when they need me. I’m online around the clock – 24/7/365. My girlfriend even refers to Total Domination as my office. I’d like to reiterate that placing value on your Clan as people first is especially important. Since I am a humble and diplomatic person, it allows me to come across better with the people I’m working alongside. They know that I respect and value them. That having been said, it’s important to crack the whip every now and then.

Both Kelly and I run a tight ship and we make sure that things run like clockwork. P.S. apparently I have a moniker – Alex the Axe – because I move swiftly on people if they are missing in action for too long.

T: Indeed Commander! I couldn’t agree with you more. When it comes down to life-and-death situations with Mutagen thrown into the mix – there’s no time to dillydally with flaky people. You need people who show resolve, commitment and backbone. These people need to be in it for the long haul. Let’s take a look beneath the helmet: are you all business?

Do you have time for friendships? Do you know your Clan mates on a personal basis?

AH: As a matter of fact, the friendships that I’ve managed to strike up from Total Domination are precisely what keep me coming back for more. After so much time spent fighting in the Wasteland, it’s relatively easy to get to know someone well. I think this is among the best ways to strike up new friendships. Just a couple of weeks ago, my DCL Christopher Johnson invited us down to Ocean Beach, California.

It was quite stunning. Thanks to CJ, both my girlfriend and I had a terrific time. Consider that if it weren’t for Total Domination– none of this would’ve been possible.

Meet Alex