Adventurers Head Into the Unknown

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In the latest edition of the Thrones Chronicle, we left you at a time when the Kingdom of Kisterdavn was reaching its peak capacity, bursting at the seams with a full population.

As we discussed previously, this would lead to the rise of a new Kingdom, as adventurers ventured out to seek riches of their own and a chance to claim a piece of land for themselves and their families.

That time has come, and the new lands of Sautrest are here. A brave new land, where at first, only the bravest would dare go.

A small number of valiant Orders took up the challenge and headed into the wilderness, striking out and planting the flag of mankind and thus expanding the realm as we know it forever.

Sautrest Is Born

14 New Orders

The first and foremost Order to take root was the Embers to Ashes Order. This force was led by a strong-backed leader who quickly began to recruit members to their army, expanding the Order’s size and thus its strength.

Quickly, as can be seen above, they displayed a massive influence of over 74 million in a matter of hours. A truly stunning and remarkable feat, given the combined might of all other Orders within the lands of Sautrest.

It therefore came as no surprise to learn that they took the Eternal Stronghold, and thus command of the Kingdom as their own.

Embers To Ashes Quickly Conquer Eternal Stronghold

Garrisoning its walls, they beat down any forces that would even dare think about opposing them. This has continued on to this day, as the Embers to Ashes Order still maintains an iron grip over the remainder of the Kingdom, despite the fact that it has ballooned in population in recent days. It has grown from a measly 14 Orders to a modest 97 Orders.


Now, moving forward, the remainder of the Kingdom will be forced to carve out their stake in the lands, repelling vicious Assailants who call this land home and preparing for the inevitable day when an opposing neighboring Kingdom attempts to invade and plunder their newly-taken lands.

Organization and structure continue to take root in the lands of Sautrest at a feverish pace, as Lords prepare their fortifications and standing armies.

The expansion of their town is the main focus of just about every citizen within the land, as they wish to find their place in the world and the history books of Thrones: Kingdom at War.

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