Orders Plot to Overthrow Their Oppressor

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In the Kingdom of Sautrest, the lands continue to grow and prosper, although at a hindered rate, as the Lords who rule the realm within the Order known as the Ember to Ashes continues to rule with an iron fist, lashing out and keeping all others in check.

Power Shifts

This success is achieved through the sheer raw power that they possess and their ability to apply this force upon whoever opposes them. As can be seen from the Kingdom's ranking roster, shown above, the E2A Order has more influence than the next three top ranking Orders combined. Displaying how strong they truly are.

Yet, as we stated previously, Orders continue to grow, even if it is at a stifled rate, than what would normally be seen on a more even playing field.

One such Order that has proven its resilience and ability to prosper is the The Cult, who has continued to grow their roster and fine tune their membership base, attracting more and more talent.

This ability to grow has been in part due to the great leadership that this Order holds, who have been actively forming alliances with many of the other top ranking Orders within the lands of Sautrest.

ACSD Alliance

Alliances Form


This necessity to come together and protect each other has arisen in part to the large amount of attacks that the Embers to Ashes Order continues to inflict upon all others within the realm, as they seek to maintain their dominance.

Ember To Ashes Strike Out

Ember To ashes Strike Out

As can be seen above, The Cult Order has not been spared from the wrath of the Embers to Ashes Order, despite their second ranking position within the realm, and they have seen whole swathes of their armies wiped out in single attacks.

Still, as some fall, others take up the banner and new recruits continue to pour into The Cult, as a resistance forms.

The Cult Promote

The Cult Removes

Members are promoted and some are removed, as room must be made for those who will contribute more to the overall success of the Order.

This fine-tuning process has been a stellar success, especially when taken in tangent with the Orders focus on achieving victory in the numerous amounts of events that they are facing and conquering together, as a team.

The Cult Events

The Cult Achieves Success

Active participation is STRONGLY encouraged among the ranks of The Cult and this dedication has paid dividends; the Order has grown via the many rewards they are receiving from their participation in these events.

Whether or not this new alliance of Orders will be able to defeat the all powerful Ember to Ashes Order, who currently dominates all others alone, is yet to be seen. But what we know is that a massive battle is brewing and lies just over the horizon. Prepare yourself, war is coming.

Vikings: War of Clans

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