A Hostile Takeover Unfolds

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The lands of Sautrest have been wracked by a power struggle as the top Orders vie for position, each attempting to pass the other in influence and ranking. This has led to an incredible amount of internal fighting as formerly trusted allies turn on one another. Greed has taken hold and with it, chaos has flourished.

Once again this week, we see a new Order taking the top ranking position. Just recently, we discussed how the Power of Ten ascended and displaced the long-time holder of the coveted first rank position, but now, things have changed once again.

Hostile Takeover, a rising star within the lands, has grown and prospered, gaining influence at an incredible rate. This has placed them squarely in the first ranking position of the realm due the huge amount of influence these 40 members possess.

Hostile Takeover

Although their rise has been great indeed, the Power of 10 are still a force to be reckoned with and yet may regain their position, given that they are not far behind this Order.

Unfortunately, as the new top-ranking Order's name implies, they are not to be trifled with and are not to be taken lightly. The Hostile Takeover is not shy about letting other Orders know what tactics they will choose to use. Force, not diplomacy is what they prefer.

Meanwhile, other Orders across the realm hope to simply ignore the power struggles that are unfolding across their homelands. The Mad Evil, a mid-ranking Order, is simply too busy with their own work, and have no hopes of taking the first-ranking position, nor the burden that comes along with it.

Their leadership has been focused on the continued growth of their citadel and their hive that surrounds it—hoping beyond all hope to simply exist and protect themselves and their towns from would be invaders.

Order Citadel

Mad EviL Grow Hive

As can be seen above, they have done a magnificent job in this task and have completed a large portion of their citadel in a short period of time, proving that they have a dedicated and hard-working member base, even if they are not the largest in influence.

Still, much work is to be done, and not all buildings within their citadel have been completed as of yet, as can be seen from the vacant lots shown below.

Still Work To Do Tribunal Arsenal

Their Tribunal and Arsenal are yet to be built and require a massive amount of resources to do so. Much work is yet to be done, and will be completed, if they and other Orders like them can stay out of the power struggle that continues to boil over within Sautrest and its bordering Kingdoms...

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