As One Falls, Another Rises

Within any Kingdom, one Order is typically stronger than the rest. This Order can be kind in their rule, or they can rule with an iron fist, smashing and crippling the "lesser" Orders as they try to rise above their station within the land.

These Orders can sometimes last for the duration of the Kingdom’s history, but typically, this is not the case. Infighting happens, smaller Orders band together to overthrow the larger, or times simply change and Orders are displaced.

Within the lands of Sautrest, one Order above all others had dominated the scene, at first smashing those around them and exerting taxes over their fellow rulers of the land. The Ember to Ashes is this Order and unfortunately for them, things are changing.

Slowly but surely, other Orders have been catching up to them over the past few months, growing in strength and influence. These Orders have not been happy with their lot in life and many have banded together, to protect each other and to lend aid when another, larger Order attempts to put them under their thumbs.

For most, this slow decline for the Ember to Ashes could be seen from the distance and it was inevitable that the rising force known as the "Power of 10" was destined to be the new ruler of the lands.

Power Shift Sautrest

Despite this historic change, the Embers to Ashes Order is still a formidable force in their own right and are just barely surpassed in influence by the Power of 10, holding their own still within the Kingdom of Sautrest.

This news is still being digested throughout the lands and it is unclear how this will affect the history of the Kingdom, will it be for the better or the worse? This is unknown.

What is known is the power of these two Orders is immense and they have formed an alliance with one another, solidifying their absolute control over the other Orders across the Kingdom.

The Power Of Ten Ember Allies

Ember To Ashes Allies

It appears that the citizens of Sautrest have simply traded one ruler for a set of two, as long as this alliance holds and these two Orders can keep from one another's throats.

Perhaps this power bloc is exactly what Sautrest needs to continue to defend its Kingdom in the global Kingdom vs Kingdom events which have become a frequent occurrence and a constant worry.

It appears that this is the case, as Sautrest has just secured another recent victory in their latest event of this type, crushing their opposition and once again proving their strength within the realm of Throne: Kingdom at War.

Sautrest Wins Kingdom War

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