Assailants Descend Upon the Lands

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In the lands of Craustland, violent, vicious forces have descended upon the citizens. A great rallying cry has gone out and both men and woman of arms have drawn their swords in defense of their homelands.

Assailants have discovered these lands of the free people and they are hell-bent on beating them back, halting the expansion of the realm, and thus retaking the wilds as their own.

These reckless forces, which include Renegades, Vandals and Nomads, just to name a few, have lashed out and struck down many innocent lives already. But now, they are running into an opposition and organized force that they didn't quite expect.

Nomad Assailant

Renegade Assailant

Vandal Assailant

Men of arms have struck back, halting the advance of these vile forces. In doing so, they are protecting not only their newly founded homeland and families, but are also gaining great riches in the process.

Crafting Materials From Assailants

It has been discovered that these Assailants carry with them great spoils of war that they have taken from those less capable of defending themselves. These materials carry with them great benefit, in that they are the raw resources needed for citizens of Craustland to craft powerful gear that can then be bestowed upon their mighty heroes to increase the productivity of their towns and power of their armies.

In addition to this, the lords of the lands have created numerous events which many warriors are already partaking in. These events pit the citizens of Craustland against one another in a friendly competition of skill, in which points are awarded to those who vanquish Assailants, unlocking powerful rewards in the process.

For now, the battle with the Assailants continues on, but the citizens of Craustland have gained a great victory in these recent days, proving that they are no fledgling kingdom.

They have shown that they have great warriors and heroes. They have shown that they are prepared for the coming days that are sure to be full of much grief, wars and hardship. But they have also shown that there will be many more victories in store for the warriors of Craustland and their families that call this place home.

Vikings: War of Clans

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