Brookenheim is Thrown into Anarchy

Last week the Chronicles took you on a tour around our rich and vast realm, we discussed how mankind has expanded its influence despite the ever-present dangers that we face, we discussed our prosperity and growth, and highlighted some of the newest and oldest Kingdoms to grace these lands.

Today, we return home, to where it all began and we venture forth into the birthplace of all other Kingdoms, the cradle of Throne: Kingdom at War, the Kingdom of Brookenheim.

Brookenheim Kingdom

Brookenheim, the first of its kind and thus the oldest and one of the most influential is constantly bursting at the seams. This is something that one will notice almost immediately upon entering these rich lands.

Visiting some of the major hives, you will find the lands blotted out, covered in man-made constructions and towns that span as far as the eye can see.


Dense Population

Densely packed hives

For years, this Kingdom lived off its riches, content with its place in the world and the history that it possessed. All other Kingdoms looked at these lands in awe and the vast armies that the lords here commanded. These points are still true in all regards, however, things are not entirely as they once were...

Stability is no more, as new faces join the scene, the pot has begun to be stirred and revolution rests upon the doorstep of Brookenheim.

The Order known as the Hated Ones (an aptly chosen name), has attracted a strong following of capable warriors, warriors intent on shaking up the everyday life of Brookenheim and flipping the table, hoping to reset the lands.

Hated Ones Bringing Change to K1

As can be seen above, they have even gone as far as to put this in their mission statement, making it clear to all others within the Kingdom just what they intend to do.

Putting their money where their mouths are, they launched a full-scale attack against the main seat of power within the lands, the Eternal Stronghold.

The Hated Ones

To this day, they still hold firmly onto this coveted throne, staunchly repelling all assaults. However, this is no run of your mill Kingdom. This is a Kingdom consisting of monumentally old Orders, of which possess massive and grand armies.

As we speak, you will find numerous Orders surrounding the Eternal Stronghold, planning their attacks and getting ready to strike back against these revolutionaries. Will they be successful in restoring "order", or will the Hated Ones be victorious in their mission? We shall learn soon enough, as things are about to boil over within Brookenheim, the birthplace of our realm.

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